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Marijuana Stops Cancer Growth - Science Proving It - It's All Been Lies


It's all been lies til now. All conflict of interest. No competition for the power players, and that's why they wanted it this way. Cops went along with it, so did everybody else that got paid off it. All lies.

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Not questioning the benefits

of pot, but didn't Bob Marley die from cancer?

Marley's form of cancer was

Marley's form of cancer was entirely genetic, and also happened to be one of the most aggressive kinds of cancer there is.

I also want to point out that regardless of whether or not pot/CBD/THC is good/bad for you, sucking smoke into your lungs is unhealthy and has consequences for your whole body. Please invest in a (good) vaporizor or look into edibles.

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12 year old

Johnny has brain stem glioma. 58 year old patty has non Hodgkin's lymphoma stage 3. There is another family member that has bone cancer (not sure what type). All 3 have either been on or currently taking some type of extract that contains THC. Johnny is not gonna be with us much longer. They all were getting this extract from some type of herbal doctor. She collects many plants from the Ozark mountains and other places. I have met her once and she seems to know a lot about different natural substances that are suppose to help folks with different disabilities.

I made my previous post out of anger.

On my side of the family all 3 of my siblings have had cancer and 1 of em is courageously battling it now and none of them have tried THC to my knowledge. The wife's uncle that has the bone cancer has had better results with drinking Hydrogen Peroxide than anything else in the natural remedies.
The point I was wanting to make is that THC is not a miracle cure all for all types of cancer.

To many people that I dearly love have been affected with this evil disease. Too many have already passed on. I am sorry for the outburst it is just a very painful subject for me.

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Thank you for clarifying.

Again, my sincerest sympathies.
Again, you are correct. There are no "miracle cures" when we all live in a toxic environment. The claim of "miracle cure for everything" is no more valid than the claim that it has no medicinal value.
If I were to be diagnosed, I would make marijuana juicing a part of my Gerson diet regimen, keeping an eye toward holding an alaline pH. And I would not take chemo or radiation, and I would not EXPECT a cure, I would hope for the best.
And for your loved ones, I hope for the best.

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That don't fly for all types of cancer

I have 2 relatives on THC and it ain't done crap for shrinkin or preventin the spread of cancer. Pot ain't the cure all for cancer. Down vote this post all you want but just cause you wanna see the stuff legalized don't become like them with false propaganda.
Not sayin it may have an effect on some types and it does help with the pain but don't start that raw raw it cures cancer. I see my family sufferin to much for that bs.

Plantin the seeds for our Savior. In the End Jesus wins!

"on THC" ?? You are obviously

"on THC" ?? You are obviously unstudied on this subject. Better do some research before making declarations on topics which youre not very well informed...

a good first search term would be "cannabinoid profiles"

Are they JUST using marijuana?

You are correct, you cannot cure cancer if the person with cancer is engaging in self destructive behaviors and then smoking a joint and calling it "medicine." There are specific protocols to follow, and it is far more effective juiced or turned into oil than smoked.
I am very sorry for your family suffering. I can only imagine how frustrating articles like this must be. The truth is, we don't know exactly what can and cannot be cured with marijuana because of the absurd prohibition, but I can assure it is effective medicine for many, many people.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Can you elaborate more?

What type of cancers?
What type of 'THC' treatment?
I'm sorry that they are suffering.. there are people on DP themselves or with friends/relatives with life/death issues/choices RIGHT NOW.
They deserve rational dialog... please speak of your experience and do it righteously w/o malice or prejudice... it's too important.
Your experience is important.

I am sorry to hear about your

I am sorry to hear about your relatives, but being "on THC" is unfortunately not how this stuff works (which you can also find out from reading the article posted). The proportions of cannabinoids are relevant, and also which type of cancer is present. However, there is strong evidence that the endo-cannabinoid system is directly responsible for regulating cell growth in the human body. More research needs to be done to refine the dosages, methods of administering the medicine, which strain to use (i.e. one high in CBD), etc. I hope your relatives are aware that smoking cannabis or receiving supplements of only THC is perhaps not the correct treatment.

The cure for cancer drive

has been going since I was in kindergarten or earlier and they still haven't cured SHIT! It's gotten WORSE! They will never find a cure as long as they can rape funds from the sympathetic ignorant.

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I used to grow and made

I used to grow and made edibles for a local dispensary when I lived in CO. The owner of the dispensary made a lot of money to the point that if someone had cancer he gave them free medicine if they couldnt afford it. He said the hardest part of his job was seeing all the people emaciated from chemo/radiation cancer 'treatment'. But he also said it warmed his heart when people would come in with big smiles on their face and said that the Cannabis was the only thing that made them feel better.

Cannabis is nature's medicine but the big pharma lobby doesnt want people growing medicine in their basement instead of their patented synthetic 'symptom managers'.

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Can you direct us to any

Can you direct us to any credible link that ever claimed cannibis "CURES" cancer?

here's a few

34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer

And here's an interesting older article...

Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74
In 1974 researchers learned that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, shrank or destroyed brain tumors in test mice. But the DEA quickly shut down the study and destroyed its results, which were never replicated -- until now.

Other uses.....
"U.S. Government Has A Patent On Marijuana As An Antioxidant And Neuroprotectant In The Brain!"

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and it's illegal because?...


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No money in it

for big pharma...that's all.

What are you...with the FDA?

What are you...with the FDA?

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I don't understand the reason

I don't understand the reason for your sarcasm.

If you do not see the reason,

If you do not see the reason, let me ask, what is it that would make my sarcasm unreasonable?

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illiteracy and bad manners...

illiteracy and bad manners...



Be Your Own Media!!!

The Mother of Credible Cannabis Links:


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take that!

NICE! Thank you so much for this!!! I've been raising awareness among my friends and family who have some conditions that would benefit greatly from this gift of nature!

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Spread it far and Wide!

You are Welcome!

"Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can."

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Wow, that is a great list of

Wow, that is a great list of links! Thanks for posting.

Might want to research Rick

Might want to research Rick Simpson (oils). I'm not going to make any claims. I am not a doctor or a scientist and I am not going to spread lies like the media. I'll go with the facts.

Also look into Tommy Chong's claims that he "cured" cancer this way. He was on CNN and said he had I believe prostate cancer or something and then I read subsequently that he beat it going this route. Might want to ask him.
Email him.

Better yet, Mr. Tommy Chong, I personally invite you to this thread! Hope to see you here. We are in the heat of battle. Come join us!

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I'll save some people some

I'll save some people some time with Rick Simpson. There is no proof, just anecdotal video. There used to be forums on his website years ago and for years people would ask if anyone has ever been so kind as to provide any of their medical scans, biopsy info, etc. and unfortunately nothing was ever forthcoming from anyone who had supposedly used his methods.

I won't make any claims regarding the process either, but proof you will not find.

And now I'll politely let

And now I'll politely let whoever downvoted me reply with medical proof from a Rick Simpson survivor...

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I have seen miraculous results first hand. (of course I'm just another username on the internet so what do I know?)

Harvard University PROVED in '07 that the compounds shrink tumors and kills cancer cells by 50% in only 3 WEEKS. Actually it causes the cancer cells to "commit suicide" through a process called "apoptosis."
Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows

Now, I didn't "downvote" you, and I took time out of my day to partially explain to you how you're incorrect in your assumptions.

I know you were asking for medical proof from RS patients, but I gave you just a sliver of something better. Someone also provided over a THOUSAND pages of research in this very thread, so you don't have to go far to look.

Companies like GW Pharmaceuticals wouldn't be investing millions of dollars into research if it didn't work. We're dealing with 6 generations of disinformation and suppression, so sometimes it's hard to see through the fog. (pun intended..;)

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