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Ron Paul: 'I Say It's Time For A Second Party'


"I understand the frustration because there's a lot of that, and I get the question a whole lot," Paul said with a laugh. "I say it's time for a second party. Because we just have one party there, they're the same on all the big issues."

Paul said the Republicans and Democrats "argue over power," but not really the direction of the country. But rather than start a third party, which would be extraordinarily difficult, even down to getting into the debates, Paul argued that it would be better to tackle "the intellectual climate that will change the ideas of both parties."

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I used to hear that song a long time ago but never knew who it was! Thank you, Granger :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Where it's not....

...the LP position of "quitting" the GOP is typically more prevalent.

So, it's not that the r3VOLution couldn't take over the local GOP, they could. They choose not to far too often.

Again, right and wrong.

In some areas [such as mine], seats are open, we take them. In other areas [close by] seats are occupied and refuse to let us in. I have also seen where Liberty candidates were pushed [voted] out by voters and establishment who run the show.

The thought is nice, but everything is not so easy.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

In other areas....

...there are LITERALLY hundreds, sometimes up into the 1000+ range of seats sitting open, but our people don't try to fill them because:

1) They are unaware of them and initiates still to the political process, but our "activists" refuse to activate to find and inform them because "the GOP is a 'waste of time' and people should 'quit'". OR

2) Our own people who DO know about them are influenced by the quitters and LPers to NOT participate in the GOP.

So, we continue to get dominated and lose when we could LITERALLY take over overnight.

Not to belabor, but as an example.

Some of our folks stopped going to Central Committee meetings in Clark County, NV, one of the top 5 critical GOP counties in presidential election politics in America. The cited reason was "fed up with GOP" in most cases.

Result? A completely Ron Paul Republican controlled county incl. the chair and executive committee turned over to Sheldon Adelson's people (i.e. GOP/RNC consultants) control by a number of votes you could could on two hands.

And that right at the beginning of the 2016 election cycle. Adelson and the establishment there are hostile to Rand Paul and will attempt to move all delegates to John McCain or the like, who will then promptly drop out, giving the state party and RNC the ability to shift national delegates to their candidate of choice.

All because literally 10 or fewer county committee members threw their hands up LP-style, two years prior, we are at high risk of losing all national delegates from the state to the bad guys.

Lesson: YOU CANT QUIT. ETERNAL VIGILANCE MEANS ETERNAL, not temporary or not just for a year or two. This was a HUGE, MASSIVE loss for us.

fyi... this just got posted right now on DP about Adelson

So, giving up on the one county committee enables this ****er to pursue other agendas that those who quit also oppose. Too bad the quitters don't see the connection from their actions of quitting through to the GLOBAL scale.

I do not dispute you.

I have determined not long ago that many members of this site no longer post here and have given up, or simply want to rant on a message board and not participate in order to take effect the change that we seek. There are exceptions, but they are minimal, at best.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul



I take it as a duopoly

And two sides of the same coin, same party regardless. A new coin is needed.


Back in 96 when Nader said there was no difference between parties, those of us who petitioned for Nader's ballot access were far more abused than any Ron Paul delegate. There were seven third parties involved in Nader's Indy runs, "Open Debates and Ballot Access" was the bottom line of the campaign.. After three consecutive runs, and winning nothing but dozens of law suits from dozens of states, and currant election laws.. the "second" party is going to have to be the morphing of the GOP.. the GOP is not what most think it is under the influence of MSM. I'm in, I have a liberty committee, and this election coming up, a Ron Paul campaign worker is running for assembly.. we had the florr at the convention.. LIBERTY is taking the GOP, MSM can and will say what ever it wants.. but the reality is, we are winning, we are taking the GOP.

Finally it's said! ;)

Dr. Paul may have cast a fistful of mustard seed to a wide audience.

People wonder why he speaks at fringe events. It's to help change/charge the hearts and minds of the listener. As long as there is one.

He is a clear thinker

And masterful at bringing ideas into the right context. Always.

"Any government that is big enough to give everything you need is also strong enough to take it all away."