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Scientists Find Gold Growing on Trees in Australia

(CNN) -- Parents beware: You're about to have one less idiom in your repertoire. Scientists in Australia have discovered gold deposits on eucalyptus trees in the Outback.

Yes, you read that right -- money can actually "grow" on trees.

While it's not new that plants and trees absorb minerals such as gold through their leaves, scientists had previously been unable to prove that the minerals in question came from deeper underground and not from surface soil deposits. The paper's authors hope that their findings will turn into a trusted form of gold prospecting.
According to the paper, eucalyptus and acacia trees, such as the ones studied at the Freddo and Barns Gold prospects in Western and South Australia respectively, have deep and extensive root systems. In times of drought, their roots dig deep in search of water. So deep, in fact, that some trees have literally struck gold.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/22/world/gold-growing-on-trees/in...

.....I'm thinking 420 gold ...

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Its true, its not some CNN propoganda about gold

I posted this earlier without the CNN reference

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Gold is not money cause Bernanke says so. ;)

Actually this reminds me of that DuckTales episode where Scrooge and Glomgold are trying to buy land because of the golden trees. :)

Can we believe this? It is CNN.

They are the propaganda arm of the state.

i had to rub my eyes and make

i had to rub my eyes and make sure it wasn't the Onion...

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it would be sweet...

i'd like to have an autumn oak or maple leaf with gold veins... how cool would that be?

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Wait till they hear the human

Wait till they hear the human body has gold in it...

Southern Agrarian

40mg of gold per 1 ton of plant leafs

Hey they're worth more than our Worthless Federal Reserve Notes.


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I am already working on a

I am already working on a Koala Bear press. Those little buggers must be plum full of gold!!! Wah Hoo!

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...500 trees to make 1 gold ring....?

On another note, Gold Prospectors will be happy adding this as another search tool.