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Was Obama care designed to fail from the beginning?

I can't help but get that conclusion from the failed release of the sign up website and the lefts long term goal of single payer health care. During Obamas first term the opportunity presented itself for a national health insurance bill with democratic control of the house and senate. There is no way a single payer plan would have had majority democratic support to pass, even though many on the left have pushed for one for years. I believe this was designed as a two step process. They passed what they could, misrepresented it to get support from insurance companies, the AMA, the unions, big pharma, and many people who thought it would help the uninsured. Patterned after Romney care that was first introduced by the Heritage foundation, maybe it did not seem that bad to many.

I have a very difficult time believing that a country who invented the integrated circuit, landed a man on the moon, is driving a rover on mars could screw up this badly without the intent to do so. Harry Browne would say, the government creates a problem and presents a big government solution, well the solution for ACA will be a single payer national healthcare system.

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In a word



Looks more like a masterful success

look at all the money that has been dispersed to friends of Obama and will continue to be dispersed to fix this dumbass system. From Obama's point of view it is a great success. lots of money to transfer to the well connected...check!

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Single payer at this point is just accounting

Unless they actually nationalize the hospitals and get rid of the healthcare corporations/insurers, ACA vs. single payer is just different accounting. In the former, we're forced to pay premiums to the corporations. In the former, the government taxes us and then pays premiums (or more likely health care costs + an overage to meet medical loss ratio/profit margin).

Although with single payer, the government probably gets a slightly bigger take on the money.

But in either case:
- Premiums go up
- Health care corporations get profits at the point of a gun

It's so blatantly third position / fascism that it is a shame nobody is saying it. That SHOULD be the ACA's opposition, i.e., "ACA is wholesale fascism" but the pro-business/corporatist R's would expose themselves.

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Add to that: quality will go down, the incentive to innovate will go down and the suppression of altnernative therapies will increase.

What do you define as failure?

If the success metric was to implement a multi-generational federal eugenics program, passing the cost on to consumers, then it has been a complete success.

Don't assume their measures for success are the same as yours.

They aren't .

Single Payer to the RESCUE!!!!


Government intervention always fails after enriching officials.


Free includes debt-free!

Well no one's talking about Obamacare being a disaster itself

but rather the website that's supposed to roll it out. Once the "public outrage" is shifted to the site being the issue rather than the plan itself, the site will suddenly be functioning.

The double-negative bait and switch: You want (A) that people won't agree with, you then create (B) as a diversion, you solve/remove (B) and people run with (A). Just as was planned all along.

Nice observation OP. You must not be getting your daily requirement of 8 glasses of Fluoridated water.

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Hanlon's razor

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Replace your razor?

Never attribute stupidity to a nation with technological capabilities to know everything you do in your life without you ever knowing it.

They paid to have "bad code" written BY ACCIDENT? Pfffff hahahahaha! Okay...

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Not quite what I mean

I still believe it's likelier that someone didn't bother checking a resume or past work and simply hired an incompetent programmer.


They're checking out everyone on the planet but not a programmer for this disaster???

Just think about that for a few minutes...

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I wish I could believe that but this is the biggest entitlement

Program the government has released since Medicare, and you are telling me that they did not check out the resume or past work of the programmer? Not even the government is that incompetent, is it? LOL

utter abuse of power

What we are seeing is manipulation and an utter abuse of power never seen before in this country. This administration is psychopathic. The entire thing needs to go.

I heard a good theory about this ...

... on the radio. They knew that insurance premiums would skyrocket. How could it be otherwise when all the insurance companies suddenly have to cover everything possible? Of course the prices will go up.

But they wanted to HIDE this fact from the public. They did not want to show the actual premiums. Instead, they wanted to show the amounts paid AFTER the tax subsidy.

The only way to do this was to ask all sorts of questions, including income, family size, SSN's etc., and they wanted to verify this by connecting to IRS, Dept. of Health and Human Services, and who knows what else. Only after collecting all the information and connecting to various government agencies for verification could they show the net premiums amounts.

This is the main reason it is so screwed up, and it stems from their desire to HIDE the truth. (As usual.)

The Article

Yes, Here's that idea explained on Forbes:

"Obamacare's Website is crashign beause it doesn't want you to know hwo costly its plans are"


Designed to fail whom?

Big Phama will do fantastically well out of it to the tune of Billions of dollars.

Big Pharma may think that now, along with the insurers

Just wait until the trap slams shut and government gets single payer, then they will institute price controls. Big pharma is too fat a goose to not get plucked.

Obamacare is Plan B

No. It was a payoff to substitute for the failed Carbon Dioxide Tax. It doesn't matter how you get there.

People's insurance premiums are the equivalent of a brand new car every year. Total enslavement will be achieved one way or another.

As a software developer

I do not know the exact time frame with which they had to develop this website but if it was being rushed that could easily explains the poor quality. Another explanation could be the quality of developers. Not all developers are created equally. At the company I work there is a spectrum of talent.

Yes, I believe

it was designed to create chaos and fracture the country. The country is run like a Scripted Soap Opera more than reality. IMO They push our emotional buttons and the masses respond in a predictable manner.

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I absolutely agree

It was never about health care at all. It is designed to usher in social communism and give the government full control over all persons, assets and effects.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I have a very difficult time

I have a very difficult time believing that a country who invented the integrated circuit, landed a man on the moon, is driving a rover on mars could screw up this badly without the intent to do so.
Well I agree with IC part. Moon landing and Mars landing are probably unnecessary and likely inefficient accomplishment of the State when compared to private technological achievements. For example, the IC industry has been doubling its quality and speed every 12-18 months while halving the price at the same time. The money spent on ACA is a pittance when compared to what is being spent in NASA in the name of science.

Take most other Government departments and you can obviously see the incompetency everywhere and not just ACA.

I guess the challenger explosion

was also a conspiracy?

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I don't know about the

I don't know about the Challenger explosion that much. At the least, it is public sector incompetency. I've also seen some documentaries on how even the moon landing could've been faked.

In the end, Government incompetency is a fact and is intrinsic nature to Governments itself.

Kucinich's ride

Dennis Kucinich would not budge, he wanted single-payer and would not support Obamacare. After his ride on Air Force One, he changed his mind.

Many believe that Obama told him that Obamacare is designed to fail and that the reaction would then be to implement single-payer.

Thats right, I had forgot about Kucinich's role in this

I'm thinking he was the last hold out on ACA, they needed his vote to pass the legislation. It's clear this has been misrepresented, I doubt it would pass given the facts we now know. The goal of the left has been single payer all the way back to the Truman administration, Hillery care was defeated soundly, Ted Kennedy spent a life time with no success. If ACA fails, as it's clear it will, the logical replacement would be a single payer plan. It looks like that is what was intended from the onset.

Peter Schiff Called This On The Day Of The Supreme Court Ruling

And we know his record on forecasting.

20:22-20:52: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNCyEC9r_mk

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I think that is their final

I think that is their final goal but I dont think the technical problems is part of the agenda. They would need to get everyone enrolled first and have the premiums go up too fast and then turn the public rage against the insurance companies so they could bring out a public option that would eclipse the private insurance companies.

Now if the people writing the code actually despised the ACA and sabotaged the launch that is something I could find plausible.

Or maybe just the old expression "Karma's a bitch..."

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