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Top heart doctor: Unprocessed fatty foods may actually be good for you

Four decades of medical wisdom that cutting down on saturated fats reduces our risk of heart disease may be wrong, a top cardiologist has said. Fatty foods that have not been processed – such as butter, cheese, eggs and yoghurt – can even be good for the heart, and repeated advice that we should cut our fat intake may have actually increased risks of heart disease, said Dr Aseem Malhotra.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, he argues that saturated fats have been “demonised” since a major study in 1970 linked increased levels of heart disease with high cholesterol and high saturated fat intake.


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They're 20 years behind the

They're 20 years behind the times. It's common knowledge at this point that eating some unprocessed fat is fine and does not make you fat. Eating too much of anything, or eating things your body can't handle, makes you fat.

Calories and exercise are mostly irrelevant.

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes.

Both Gary Taubes and Mary Enig have copper deficiencies, as evidenced by graying hair.

Free includes debt-free!

Calories matter

Calories matter descriptively, not prescriptively. Anyone who's had some college level thermo should know the laws are boundary conditions (effects), not initial conditions (causes).

People incorrectly assume a simple linear transfer function between mechanical work from exercise and metabolic work. There are no matabolic pathways that use a "calorie" in its biochemical reactions. The metabolic substrates are largely determined by hormones. Exercise can have some influence. But, integrated with respect to time, if exercise is the only time of day you're using fat as your metabolic substrate, you will NEVER win. Exercise is to cuts in baseline budgeting as fat accumulation is to the mounting debt in our debt based currency.

They're 20 years behind the

They're 20 years behind the times. It's common knowledge at this point that eating some unprocessed fat is fine and does not make you fat.

Eating too much of anything, or eating things your body can't handle, makes you fat.

Calorie Cage Match! Sugar (Sucrose) Vs. Protein And Honey

may? It IIISSS good for you. So is cholesterol

Eat your eggs, butter, fatty organic free range as you please...

Dr Rosedale Exposing the

Dr Rosedale Exposing the Cholesterol Myth: Cholesterol is not the major culprit in heart disease

And chocolate!


Free includes debt-free!

too much sugar :(

too much sugar :(

Not for me!

Chocolate rocks.

Free includes debt-free!

eat what you want

I live by Woody Allen's "Sleeper" philosophy.

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Sleeper's "Orgasmatron" was based on the work of Wilhelm Reich

I've been studying Wilhelm Reich and his works for a month or so now. I wrote a comment about it to Michael a few weeks ago, with lots of information and pointers, let me find it... Okay, here: http://www.dailypaul.com/300986/principles-or-love#comment-3...

Woody Allen's movie "Sleeper" had a device called an "Orgasmatron", in which a person would experience an orgasm. Reich discovered an energy field that he termed "Orgone", because he had been researching sex and saw that it related to orgasmic activity.

He created a device he called an "orgone accumulator" which was a box composed of alternating layers of organic and non-organic material. Non-organic would be a metal; organic would be a resin, etc. This needed to be attached to running water, as it accumulated both "positive" and "negative" orgone, and the water takes away the negative. Later people discovered how to create an "orgone generator", which pulls in the negative orgone and converts it to positive, so it doesn't need running water.

I'm just starting out on my journey with orgone. From reading "The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft" (link is in my other comment), I feel like I've encountered kindred spirits. Here I feel the same. So it's really, really cool to be able to combine the two.

At any rate, enjoy!

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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I could go for a giant strawberry

or banana right now. :-)

haha mixing butter and

haha mixing butter and coconut oil in my coffee as i read this.


That, and a packet of gelatin stirred in, is my morning meal ~4 days a week. So good.

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Nice !

Never thought of that... will try it tomorrow ;-)

it's called "bulletproof

it's called "bulletproof coffee"

Technically the "official" version is grass-fed butter and MCT oil - but if I can't find these I use regular butter and coconut oil in a pinch.

It's great if you are (or trying to get) keto fat adapted.

Trans fatty acids are now known to be the culprit.

Plant oils are unsaturated oils that saturate in the trans configuration.

Plant oils used to make Margarines which are deadly.

Recent studies have shown that saturated fats and cholesterol got a bad reputation in that faulty study.

Lowering cholesterol below 220 causes dementias, lowered testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline and vitamin D production capacity and a host of other diseases.

Palmitic saturated fatty acid is the heart's preferred fuel.

Cardiac surgeon Dr Don Miller explains:

Free includes debt-free!

Trans fats... highly

Trans fats... highly processed man made poison.

Mary Enig On Saturated & Trans Fats