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Kamikaze GOP


Why do the Republicans keep flipping and surrendering? Even when the hold the narrative and advantage.
Why do they go counter to many platforms the Republicans have been known for? Like the Gang of Eight/Boehner/Rubio/Paul Ryan on amnesty?

It looks like it might be these Republicans KNOW their time in the party will be over soon. Their base is so disgusted with them, that the base will actively go about getting rid of them.
So these politicians are scuttling the ship. They are going to kamikaze through the Democrat platform (debt ceiling, amnesty, etc). To set up the relationships for a future as lobbyists.

Perhaps they are looking ahead, past their life as a politicians, and expect/were offered a future as lobbyist for a way out of their predicament as party turncoats.

Republican politicians who know their future as Republican politicians are over and are going kamikaze to set up their post politician life as lobbyists or attempts at switching parties.

Thus destroying the GOP party and setting up Hilary.
The GOP base will be able to rebuilt with true liberty-minded folk...but that would only be after 2016, after the Repubs are completely collapsed and reeling from passing the entire DNC platform.

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Are you a Republican?

Do you belong or participate on any Republican Party Caucus or PACS?
Do you attend your county central committee meetings?
What do you know about the GOP besides what you read and watch on YouTube?


I agree.

The establishment republicons and democraps will join together to try and eradicate the freedom lovers. We will not be voting our way out of this mess believe me. Get ready.

Makes sense to me.

Note, I didn't read the reuters article, but the description above sounds about right. We destroy the current GOP because there is no other choice.

Think of it like getting a fever... your body cranks up the temperature to kill the offender... while you are recuperating, you may not be very effective. Short term, you'd prefer not to feel bad, but your body has another longer term goal... being healthy. Suppressing symptoms does not equal cure.

We have a longer term goal, preserving the country... not the short term goal of preserving the GOP.

The country is sick... if we need to run a fever (kill establishment GOP) or vomit (elect Hillary), then so be it.

(this should not be taken as I enjoy vomiting, but sometimes, well, you know... we'll feel better afterwards)

You can never underestimate the Republicans ability

to shoot themselves in the foot. They talk a good message when out of power, but they have had very little experience being in power. For the first time in 40 years, Dubya had the house and senate, look how that was mishandled. They have ran presidential candidates they knew could not win, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney and when they do get one elected, Dick Nixon, we get wage and price controls? When they finally get a brilliant candidate, Ron Paul, they lose the election trying to defeat their best guy in the primaries. Republicans, gotta love-em but they have been dysfunctional for decades.

If the GOP runs another

If the GOP runs another Neo-con like Romney, I'm voting for Hillary.

Perhaps you are being sarcastic, but why not

write in Ron Paul, vote for another third party candidate you actually like or even abstain? What's to gain in voting for the Blue flavored cyanide over the Red flavor?