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Declaring Spook the Spooks Day, Friday Oct 25

A friend fm S. Dakota sent this...

Declaring “Spook the Spooks Day,” October 25th
by Quantum Prod
Let's stick something in their pointed ears to record, compute and cram into their tiny, tiny brains...

WHEREAS the professional Neurotic nanny-goons, bottomfeeding Spies and Anal-retentive groper-thugs display an improper, immoral, unethical and unconstitutional interest in what absolutely everyone is doing and saying and thinking (and has done and said for the last 10 years or so); and because the yellow-bellied pecksniffs in the media and turncoat software moguls get both threatened and paid extremely well to grovel and roll over like poodles, let's do them all a HUGE favor and provide (at no additional charge) a sincere, unforgettable megadose of what we really think. You know, just in case they miss the point.

WHEREAS we wish to honor and support the Electronic Frontier Foundation's planned rally in Washington DC against government spying on Saturday, October 26, details at StopWatching.us. Those of us who cannot attend wish to show solidarity with those who risk persecution for enabling dissent.

Starting Friday, October 25 at, say, 4:20PM Eastern and in each successive time zone, so that we get a good representation of the (first week of) Halloween party crowds across the nation, who will perhaps be slightly happier and more ready to, er, interact, than usual: Let's provide the earmites, buttworms and drone-ghouls with the “INPUT!” (remember Number 5!) they apparently so desperately seek, peeking up our pants and skirts and down our blouses and throats; every casual comment you ever made, emailed, tweeted or facebooked, cataloged and databased in order to be used against you if you ever resist, against all existing laws, ethics, morals and the clear wishes of the vast majority of US citizens.

But, until the First Amendment is actually repealed, it remains the Law of the Land, and according to every legal precedent, every “law” that violates it is not a law. Therefore, let us speak freely while we still can, my friends. If you are already afraid to use your First Amendment rights, they are already gone.

It really doesnt matter who you call, tweet, email and/or text – friends, colleagues, enemies, old relatives, companies, the media and especially, anyone outside the country, since we know they pay special attention to that. You may want to contact your elected representatives and spell it out for them, as they are hard at work not listening. Surprise them.

Mere suggestions:
Express in no uncertain terms your own personal feelings about the lying, spying and other blatantly unconstitutional and illegal acts by the Federal slimepit. Be specific, repetitive and loud. Use (especially) whistles, Halloween noisemakers, bullhorns, car horns, air horns and even careful, safe fireworks and maybe even safe, legal gunfire. Scream, curse, chant, pray, make vile sounds, play heavy metal, rap, thrash, it's up to you to express yourself uniquely and adequately! THIS MAY BE THE LAST CHANCE YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS IF THE GOVERNMENT GETS ITS WAY.

Make your points repeatedly, let others speak on your phone at your party or bar, and repeat as often as possible during both Halloween weekends thru November 2, Veteran's Day! Record your rants and replay them for your representatives, calling all the phone numbers and speak your mind. Use every media, especially social.

Give them wonderful, relevant music! Suggested playlist:
Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco and Skylar Grey, Head Like a Hole by Nine-Inch Nails, Uprising by Muse, Symphony of Destruction by Megadeath, Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine, Taxman by The Beatles, Novus by Placido Domingo & Carlos Santana (incredible), Monster by Steppenwolf, Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who, I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag by Country Joe MacDonald & the Fish, the complete works of Frank Zappa, System of a Down, Disturbed and Static X: you get the point.

Now, don't invite trouble for yourself, do not threaten government agencies or government officials or employees, observe the Golden Rule, don't be hating anyone other than any useless, mindless nanny-crats destroying our liberties, and avoid racial, personal or religious comments. Most of the people that will hear this actually think they are doing the right thing for the children. OK, some do. OK, we have to pretend, just in case. OK, forget it.

Do not instigate others to break the law in any way, don't talk about doing violence or causing damage to anything or anyone – other than their arrogance, hubris and peace of mind, and especially politically, their plans to control the internet and enslave America totally. This is not personal, it's still political, and that means it still can be fixed peacefully – if they can be stopped NOW.

Address your least favorite government abuse of liberty, sanity and wealth, loudly and clearly. There are so many to choose from...

Hey, worthless clowns! Yeah, you! We know you're listening! NOW HEAR THIS!! GET A LIFE, FOOL! Do something productive with your abilities!
We are sovereign American citizens and WE CAN DEMAND THIS, AND WE DO!!
You will respect your oath of office and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, NOW or you will be FIRED, somehow, someday, some way, if there is justice left in this world.
Stop the unconstitutional spying NOW! Climb down outa our butts, NOW!
GET OUT AND STAY OUT of our bedrooms, our computers, phones and our private business!
Stop persecuting peaceful dissenters and whistleblowers! Stop intimidating journalists and bloggers! Respect the rights of peaceful protesters! Get your filthy claws off the internet!
Stop the drone strikes killing innocent bystanders and children (and damn few “terrorists”).
Stop bailing out the banksters! Stop fixing the game! Leave BitCoin alone! Finger the tee es ay!
Stop destroying the value of the Dollar! Audit and abolish the FED and stop inflation NOW!
Stop ruining the healthcare system NOW! Respect our medical privacy NOW!
REPEAL and/or NULLIFY: NDAA, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, CISPA, SOPA, TPP, Agenda 21, Real ID, FATCA Tax and every other filthy globalist pipe-dream! To hell with the UN, CFR and every entity that violates or threatens American sovereignty!
STOP POLICE BRUTALITY! Reform the corrupt Grand Jury system. Stop persecution of people legally videoing police activity! Stop tasering everything that moves! Stop routinely over-tasering and shooting unarmed people who are obviously disturbed or medicated! Stop shooting people's animals for no good reason! Stop shooting people's service dogs just because you can!
Nullify unconstitutional federal laws in the state legislatures! Nullify unconstitutional and improper prosecution of federal and state laws by refusing to convict if on a jury! This is one of the ways slavery was ended, and before that, the Salem witch trials!
Abolish the Income Tax and fire all who live by it, starting with those who targeted political groups (only one resigned so far).
Abolish/reform the CIA, FBI (or at least clean house and find honest people to run them... ha ha, ha ha ha... ha). Restore the 4th Amendment and abolish the DEA, reform the FDA and end the War on Privacy and personal rights to self-medicate with natural remedies! (Either we own our bodies, or we do not!)
We and our forefathers fought two world wars and countless smaller ones against fascist tyrants, allegedly trying to keep them from taking over the world and destroying our liberties. Hundreds of thousands of American heroes spilled their blood in these causes. Therefore:

[Some have suggested using as many terms related to terrorism as possible to be sure
to get noticed by the computers. Use your best judgment...]

FREE Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Adam Kokesh, Joe Hosey, Jana Winter, Barrett Brown

Other ideas:
Recite Senator Rand Paul's reading list from his famous filibuster which forced the administration's hand on the use of domestic drones. If you haven't read at least a few of them yourself, you should get busy. Your innate sense of justice and logic will thank you.

Let them ram these keywords and numbers up into their Buttsniffer 6900 supercomputer, and total it all up!

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Police State!

There are two basic kinds of Americans;
those who will give up liberty for false security,
and those who will not.

Or, as Mason said to Dixon late one evening as the mosquitoes were getting bad, “c'mon, dude, you gotta draw the damned line somewhere.”

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