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Speaker Boehner Is Right For Once…

Speaker of the House, John Boehner is right. I never thought I would write those words – not ever in my life. But as the old saying goes, even a stopped watch has the right time twice a day. What’s he right about? Well, let me show you…

House Speaker John A. Boehner predicted Wednesday that by the end of the month, more Americans will have lost their insurance by being kicked off existing health plans than the number who were able to sign up in the flawed online healthcare.gov website.

The reports coming in agree. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been notified by their insurers that their policies have been dropped because they aren’t compliant with the new ACA laws. Thousands more have had their policies modified to the point where they can’t afford them anymore and have dropped them, opting to pay the fine instead.

Add in the fact that in North Dakota, less than 1 person in the state per day is able to sign up through the incredibly flawed system, and you have yourself a real mess. And BTW, the Feds are trying to muzzle Blue Cross on its stats for signups…you know, since it’s so insanely pathetic and indicative of how broken this system is. Not even government sponsored fakes can turn the tide of public opinion on this abomination.
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I guess

I guess the daily trips to the tanning booth didn't fry his brain completely.


Maybe he's been dipping into his new son-in-law's stash...the herb can open the mind to some mighty truths!

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