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Generals Fired?

I always thought Generals were enlisted who worked their way up through the ranks. I didn't know they could be "fired". I thought they could lose their rank, be court marshaled, and/or discharged either honorably or dishonorably. If they can just be fired, by who? If their job is to fight tyranny both foreign and domestic, how can they fight domestic tyranny if the tyrants can simply fire them?

Another thing I have wondered, were these Generals fired for attempting to carry out a false flag or for disobeying orders to carry out a false flag. If for the latter, why the silence? Why aren't they screaming at the top of their lungs?

Forever curious?

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"Modern day General MacArthurs"

That was a comment from my son who was just reading this post over my shoulder...thought it was rather insightful for a 17 year old so I had to share.

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Moving UP in the military has only one purpose

How much fighting against foreign or domestic tyranny can you really do when your whole purpose is to simply follow orders and do what your told.

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Any rank above colonel ...

... is a political appointment.

I think the number of generals allowed is controlled by the Senate.

"Fired" just means re-assigned to a meaningless job, or they can choose to retire.

The Generals probaly did not

The Generals probaly did not pass the "Litmus Test" (Are you willing to order US Military personel to fire on UC citizens)?

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Somebody discovered

Somebody discovered (probably NSA) that they were planning a coup.
Saddam silenced some of his generals when he was in power too.
Like someone else pointed out...Where is the story?
MSM ought to be all over this....only crickets. very weird.

they cant be,

in the traditional sense, where if your fired from a job you are no longer any part of that organization. in the military anyone can be "fired" from a specific task or duty for failure to perform it correctly or uphold ethical standards. so a general isn't magically out of the military for being fired from his post. however they can use it to begin discharge proceedings and chapter the officer out of the military whether it be honorable, general or dishonorable discharge. usually they are just reassigned, requested to retire or are given a general discharge which usually results in some loss of benefits.

unless this has changed since i was in the army. but according to the UCMJ (uniform code of military justice) thats how its supposed togo.


Sounds like...

Sounds like he's laying the ground for a take over as a true dictatorship since he can't be reelected.


Which would only mean he's truly INSANE. He'd get whacked

after any such proclamation of power, etc. He / his handlers *must* realize this (to not just shows how completely detached from reality these people are). There is no way a dictator will be tolerated in this country. And too many people have nothing to lose....

What would the Founders do?

A dictator was tolerated...

A dictator was tolerated in this country for many years. He was King George III 1738 - 1820. He was not "whacked" by the American revolutionaries.

Most likely King Obama would probably be as lucky and well protected.


Yeah, and King George wasn't exactly local either....

... and we did whack enough of his henchmen to be able to establish a "free-ish* country (for white men, anyhow....). So not the best comparison, but I get your point. And I respectfully disagree.

You have to consider the amount of history which has passed since that time, including all of the dictatorships in the last century. People would recognize what such a potential power-grab by the POS in "Chief" actually represents. Kings were kings and were expected to be so; someone occupying an office via election and changing the rules whilst in office to remain in office--in *this* country--is risking association with all dictators past, which even the dumbest Americans generally revile. Hell, for that matter: tons of people believe that Obama is some sort of devil sent to destroy this country; you really think nobody would risk his / her life to take him out?! People are already feeling desperate as things unravel, and a swipe at dictatorship by the prez will push at least a *few* people over the edge, to put it lightly!

For someone (even the much-worshipped Obama) to announce his intention to remain in command indefinitely--no matter how apathetic / ignorant most Americans may be--would be tantamount to signing his own death warrant.

I'd put money on it.

What would the Founders do?

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These generals have gone to the press

from what I have heard, and the mainstream media (being part of the elite regime) has ignored them, so the only place you will find this info is on alternative media. Alex Jones has covered this extensively.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media feeds us baloney like 'they were gambling' and 'they had drinking problems'. Right, like you would allow a drunk to be in control of nuclear bombs. We are in the shakedown period of the fascist takeover, same textbook as Hitler used. I hope these 'fired' generals are still willing to serve their country when the tyrants take over.

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I just read an article

tonight on this, and to me it is extremely concerning and a clear sign that something, most likely very bad, is coming soon. Obama has fired 11 generals this year alone, and the vast majority of them were fired under very "questionable" circumstances; several for "inappropriate relationships", whatever that means, because no additional details were provided. I thought that Bill Clinton had established that "inappropriate relationships" were not reason enough to lose your job. Another was fired for, and I quote, using "forged poker chips". There is little doubt that Obama is cleaning house in the military, and considering the type of people he surrounds himself with, it's clearly not because of integrity or competence issues...so that begs the question, why? I can not think of any reason for this that doesn't make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. He's up to something, and I fear it may mean bringing in the kind of "change" he has promised all along, which is the destruction of this nation. I pray that I am wrong, but deep down I feel that something wicked this way comes.

If what you feel is correct, we need to use our first

constitutional right. Unfortunately no one knows what it is, then when they find out, they're afraid of it because they do not know constitutional intent and don't want to know.

Our soldiers need to be encouraged to love their constitution more than they fear their command. This is their lawful tool for defense of the constitution from a domestic enemy.


Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?

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I agree Chris,

and my hope is that there are enough people left in the military who are awake that will do their duty when the time comes, including our vets. I think there are an awful lot of people, both active military and retired who are hopping mad at what is happening in this country and hopefully when it comes time to act, they will be willing to do so. When you combine that with the 50,000,000+ gun owners in this country, that is a pretty formidable army for anyone to deal with easily. I believe that there are a lot of people in this country who have no desire to get into a situation where there will be potential loss of life, but if are pushed into it will come out fighting with everything they have. I pray that I am not wrong.

So, what do you think they are doing now?

If these Generals were fired for disobeying orders to wipe out the eastern seaboard and 21 million Americans, did they just go home? Are they themselves gathering their families and bugging out? Does the NSA have enough dirt on these guys to keep them silent?
I can't see them taking this lying down? And if they don't, I wish we knew how to get behind them!

Sweeping out the moral

to make way for the immoral?

Officers are Commissioned for idefinite service. and serve....

at the consent of Congress, the President (as Commander-in-Chief) and based on the "needs of the military). Officers who fail to advance beyond the rank of O-3 by a certain point of their career are usually given the offer to serve until eligible for retirement as the lowest non-commissioned officer grade (E-4). This is called "Reduction in Force" or RIF. When a commanding officer is removed from his command for cause, he is "fired". This usually signals the end of his career, and most serve until eligible for retirement. President Harry Truman "fired" General Douglas MacArthur for remarks MacArthur made regarding the restrictions placed on his command regarding targets on the Yalu river during the Korean War. I always thought MacArthur was right until the Internet revealed the truth about the Korean War (i.e., South Korea was created as a US "puppet state" and the US has been obstructing peaceful reunification ever since.) The Generals are not screaming, because they can be court marshaled and imprisoned for doing so.

Thank you!

Thank you for clearing that up for me. I was really confused about that. It's so hard to figure out who's ruling who, but one thing is for sure, it's nothing close to what I was taught in school. I believe that in itself is treason!

"Enquiring minds want to know"


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