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Update: Press release. California Sheriff's Deputies Shoot, Kill 13-Year-Old

(AP) Calif. sheriff's deputies shoot, kill 13-year-old
Northern California sheriff's deputies have shot and killed a 13-year-old boy after repeatedly telling him to drop what turned out to be a replica assault rifle, sheriff's officials and family members said.

Two Sonoma County deputies on patrol saw the boy walking with what appeared to be a high-powered weapon Tuesday afternoon in Santa Rosa, sheriff's Lt. Dennis O'Leary said.

The replica gun resembled an AK-47 with a black magazine cartridge and brown butt, according to a photograph released by the sheriff's office. Deputies would only learn after the shooting that it wasn't an actual firearm, according to O'Leary.

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From SRPD web site:

"Deputy Involved Shooting Investigation

The Santa Rosa Police Department, in conjunction with the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office and Petaluma Police Department, is investigating yesterday’s fatal shooting involving the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department. The investigation is ongoing and a detailed press release will follow later today.

Lt. Paul Henry of the Santa Rosa Police Department will be handling all media inquiries. Lt. Henry can be reached at (707) 543-3668."

Update: https://local.nixle.com/alert/5081195/

Wednesday October 23rd, 2013 :: 04:30 p.m. PDT

Deputy involved shooting press update

TO: News Media

FROM: Lieutenant Paul J. Henry

SUBJECT: Officer Involved Shooting Investigation

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, at approximately 3:14 p.m., two deputies from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office were involved in a fatal incident in which the deputies encountered what appeared to be an armed male in the area of Moorland Avenue and West Robles Avenue in Santa Rosa, California. The male was subsequently shot by one of the deputies and succumbed to his wounds at the scene. Pursuant to the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chiefs’ Association Employee Involved Fatal Incident Protocol, the Santa Rosa Police Department has assumed the primary investigative responsibilities into this event. The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office and Petaluma Police Department are assisting in the investigation.

The investigation is on-going. After interviewing the involved deputies, the witnesses identified to this point, and examining the crime scene, the following information can be released.

The deputies were riding together in the same patrol car. They were driving a marked Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle and they were dressed in their standard patrol uniforms. While driving in the area of Moorland Avenue and West Robles Avenue they observed a subject walking northbound on the west side of Moorland Avenue just north of the intersection with West Robles Avenue. The subject was wearing a blue “hoodie” style sweatshirt and shorts.

One of the deputies immediately recognized that the subject was carrying what appeared to be an assault style rifle, similar to an AK-47 assault rifle. The weapon was in the subject’s left hand and his hand was at his left side. The deputies immediately called for emergency assistance from other deputies in the area and they broadcast their location. The deputies continued northbound through the intersection and pulled into the southbound lane and stopped their vehicle. One of the witnesses described that he saw the patrol car’s overhead rotating lights come on and he heard a “chirp” of the vehicle’s siren.

Both deputies exited their vehicle, but maintained cover behind their open passenger door. One of the deputies shouted at the subject to, “put the gun down.” A witness in the area reported that he heard the deputy shout two times to “put the gun down.” Initially, the subject’s back was toward the deputies. When the deputy shouted at the subject, the subject began to turn toward the deputies. One of the deputies described that as the subject was turning toward him the barrel of the assault rifle was rising up and turning in his direction.

The deputy feared for his safety, the safety of his partner, and the safety of the community members in the area. He believed the subject was going to shoot at him or his partner. The deputy described that he is aware an assault weapon of this type is capable of firing a bullet that can penetrate his body armor, the metal exterior of his car, and the walls of the residential houses behind him. The deputy then fired several rounds from his service weapon at the subject, striking him at least one time. The subject immediately fell to the ground.

The deputies approached the subject, handcuffed him, and immediately began life-saving measures. They called for an emergency medical response and both Fire and EMS were on scene within minutes.

Andy Lopez Cruz, age 13, died at the scene. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, October 24, 2013.

Recovered at the scene were a replica AK-47 assault style rifle, and a replica of a handgun. The rifle was located on the ground next to the subject. The handgun was located concealed in the waistband of the subject. The rifle had a brown stock and fore grip, and a dark colored plastic body. It did not have the traditionally orange tip of a replica firearm. The handgun was clear plastic and did have an orange tip at the end of the barrel.

The Santa Rosa Police Department, in conjunction with the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office and Petaluma Police Department continue to investigate this incident. Anyone with information about this incident is requested to contact the Santa Rosa Police Department at (707) 543-3590.

Any further press inquiries may be directed to Lieutenant Paul Henry at (707) 543-3668.

Santa Rosa Police Department
965 Sonoma Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Real gun heavy held close to body.

Toy gun, smaller and lightweight enough to be held at arms length.


Wrongful death, but how much should family get from cop. Enough to bankrupt him.

Free includes debt-free!


We used to solve these problems by letting the people throw stones.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Depressing ...

Now I am going to listen to:

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

His Death Was Inevitable

By surprising the boy from behind the police made it virtually impossible for him to turn around in a manner that would avoid police "justification" for a kill shot. He was probably dead before his brain even had a chance to register that it was police yelling at him. Cops have become a greater threat to public safety than anything else I can think of. Even if the kid had had a REAL gun, for whatever reason, the cops' actions were despicable, cowardly, and unjustified.



headline correction: cop scared, citizen executed.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul


Sovereign living boy conceived on conquered land by his forefathers has been routinely executed by king Georges corpse soldier.

Stay tuned. Firing squad at 11.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Hire chicken sh.t cops and train them as scardy cats.

"The deputy feared for his safety". Well, look for a safer job instead of killing innocents.

The victim did not disobey, he was holding a toy.

Free includes debt-free!

meekandmild's picture

the deputies encountered what appeared to be an armed male

Why is it only the deputies think it was a real gun? There was other people on the street as well as the 13 year old, no mention of anyone calling 9 1 1 and reporting a kid with a gun.
What happened to the second amendment? probably the same guaranteed right to bear arms is in the CA Constitution.
So where is the common sense? It's not so common anymore.

Press release!


The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson


I support your right to arm teenagers. Old enough to carry a wrench, old enough to carry a gun.

What ever happened to you make a mistake and kill a teenager so now we are going to hang you?

Worlds upside down. The weak people are defenseless and the strong people gang up and have all the guns.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

I would like to know

How many of these trigger happy cops we keep reading about have learned their rules of engagement in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. And why do we keep hiring them to police our citizenry? All you have to do is watch a couple of the WikiLeaks vids courtesy of Bradley Manning to know where this shoot first ask questions later mentality comes from IMHO.


We are the tireless irate minority.

The Military doesn't trust soldiers with guns.

Access and use tightly controlled.

Free includes debt-free!

They don't trust POGs with

They don't trust POGs with guns as I wouldn't either. I wouldn't want any of my brothers from my second deployment to ever be police officers, none of them. A soldier trained to kill is not qualified to be police officers. Soldiers who enjoyed killing is becoming the majority. We truly are becoming generation kill. I'll never be able to take back the lives I've taken, and maybe ine day I'll be judges for them.

Finally HOME! For Good!
I am an Oath Keeper
I am an Agnostic
I am a father and I want my children to know true freedom in their lifetime.

Welcome home!

I am glad that your are here to work for freedom for our posterity.

Thanks for sharing the insight. The urge to control others is dangerous to liberty. We should be wary.

Free includes debt-free!

I remember playing army with my neighbors as a child in the 60's

We had a great time - we would choose sides and run around the neighborhood with our toy guns pretending to play war, all summer long. Oddly enough, not one of us turned out to be violent, no joined the army (although a couple were drafted to serve in Vietnam), and most importantly, no one got hurt!

I can't help but wonder what danger we would all be in today if we attempted the same thing! Today's authorities would shoot first and ask questions later...and would get off for it as well!

These over-steroidal, neanderthalic, sad excuses for human beings are ghouls who have presided over the systematic loss of innocence and freedom that we all should be able to experience and enjoy as children! Instead, our kids get to witness this week's poster child victim of the tyrannical and brutality state's face plastered on their TV's during the six o'clock news!

If it turns out that this kid was simply running around the neighborhood playing army with his friends, and ended up dead because of it, maybe it is better that they all stay shut in their basements playing war on Call Of Duty instead...after all, it's safer...that is until the next over-medicated, reclusive, antisocial shut-in goes postal in Anytown, USA again!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


Is this going to be...

Is this going to be another one where the cops claim he took several steps and pointed the gun at them in a threatening manner? And then we find a video from a neighbor that shows that he didn't move an inch and he was shot for no reason? Does that sound a little bit familiar? Didn't something like that happen recently? Let me see if I can remember.
I guess the cops have moved up from shooting defenseless dogs to shooting little kids. Doesn't it make you feel safe with fine upstanding law enforcement officers patrolling your community?
The only time I need the cops is when I am out of ammo and I have run out of things to throw and I want to go out in the yard and pick my stuff up.


Fighting for freedom

Where is the kid's freedom to carry a "real" AK-47?
They do it all the time in those countries where we were suppose to be fighting for freedoms.
Where is his freedom to open carry?
Something is wrong when we send soldiers to fight for the freedom and the stupid cops just assassinate anyone at anytime.
This cops killing innocents is happening way too frequently and needs to come to a complete stop.
How is a kid with a gun a "suspect"?
The cops are the real terrorists nowadays.

They seem to be working towards inciting a riot

because it is not credible that the 13 yr old would not realize the toy was mistaken for an actual weapon. Kids know those stories.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?

The only thing I can think

The only thing I can think of is, when people see cops draw their guns, people should shoot the cops immediately.

Release the dash cam footage!

"After spotting the boy, the deputies called for backup and repeatedly ordered him to drop the gun, O'Leary said in a news release. It wasn't clear whether he pointed the replica assault rifle at the deputies or made any type of threatening gesture. The sheriff's office referred calls to the Santa Rosa Police Department, which did not immediately return a call for comment.

O'Leary said the deputies fired several rounds from their handguns immediately after issuing the orders to drop the rifle."


The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson


The sickening thing is that the local media, only covered it as a "suspect" with fake assault rifle.


Warning shot?

Shoot him in the leg?

Nah...evidently left that section out of the police officer handbook in how to handle kids in puberty.

Author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely
Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!

If you're going to fire your

If you're going to fire your gun, there is no warning shot. You only pull the trigger with intent to stop a threat with lethal force. Aiming for a small and fast moving body part like the arm or leg is the fastest way if getting yourself killed. This isn't a movie. However i disagree with the officers using deadly force, had it been a real gun and a real bad guy, one or both cops would be dead against a bad guy with 7.62 rounds if they waited to be fired at first.

As a conceal carry holder i will NEVER wait to be fired at first.

Finally HOME! For Good!
I am an Oath Keeper
I am an Agnostic
I am a father and I want my children to know true freedom in their lifetime.

DHS assigned training?

I read recently that Some states were seeing officers with DHS training that was conducted by Israeli police. Here.


Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?

13 y.o.

...is a man??????

...Nevermind CBS news lol

Seriously, this is terrible.

The parents must be out of their minds right now. Hopefully there will be a thorough investigation to begin with.


JFK didn't get a full investigation, Spoil the record?


Free includes debt-free!

So a company is making life like toy assalt weapons?

And they are being made or imported into the US?

I'd go after the Makers or the US Customs...!!!

Wouldn't it be ironic if Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum's

Insistence on better trade relations with Chinese companies they've had business dealings with along with their interests in CB Richard Ellis and its real estate holdings were respectively the means and key points of entry through which cheap Chinese goods including counterfeit merchandise and toy guns without orange muzzles are able to pass through Customs checks without anyone even inspecting them and that's how a real-looking fake assault rifle ended up in this child's hands all while she's eternally hell-bent on taking real assault rifles away from Americans?

Wow, that was too long a sentence... much like her tenure in the Senate! =D

The down votes to my reply are amazing...

The State will take care of the issue between the police and the child.

My interest is to deter it from happening again.
Hence finding out who's making the toy and who's importing it and deal with That...!!!

A terrible incident has happened, how can it be avoided in the future?

How it can be avoided???

Don't have cops period, but at the very least don't have the cops shoot people. This isn't rocket science, don't make it complicated.

We arm people. sometimes not the brightest, sometimes they get off on the power, but all times they are human. Then we put them out in the public and tell them to enforce arbitrary rules and fight victimless crimes. The penalties for these crimes go to benefit the corporate structure and politically connected. the symptoms of these problems aren't going to be solved by restricting freedoms. the problems are caused by restricting freedoms.