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Are 'Safe'- Rated Banks Any Safer From Bank Runs?

In my ongoing research on how to be a financially prudent American, I have learned about the Texas ratio and how some banks are considered safer than others, in terms of likelyhood of failure. This MSN Money article says you can forget about FDIC, because it's broke. You need to actually understand how a bank is managed.

My question is, when the SHTF, and people are running on the banks, is there a margin of safety for having done your research and putting your savings only in the most conservatively run, safest-rated banks? It seems like a Mr. Smith goes to Washington scenario: as long as everybody doesn't panic at once, the bank will stay solvent if people have confidence in its management.

I actually look forward to a bank that is a true bank: a modern vault and security system where money and valuables are safe, with the bank making NO loans and keeping 100% reserves. That kind of bank would charge a fee for holding your money, ok if it's cheaper than buying a safe and my own security system. I'll invest my own money, I don't need the bank's interest rate. Inflation devaluation I understand, and will deal with my own way. I just don't want all my money to disappear overnight.

Hoping there are still some smarty pants left here at DP who can help.

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