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Changing Face of Jihadist Suicide Bombers attacking Russia? Young, Pretty, Dagestani Women?

Dash Cam Video: Moment of deadly bus blast in Volgograd caught on camera

Published on Oct 22, 2013

Video courtesy: Russian Investigative Committee

Moments before deadly bus blast in Volgograd caught on a dash cam. Russian security forces are looking for the organizers of a deadly suicide bombing on a bus in Volgograd that killed six people and injured 37 on Monday. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/nov5kp

** From what I understand, many Russians have dashcams in their cars to record drunk drivers, car-accident insurance con-artists, and the usual: corrupt cops. So while it may seem odd for many here, supposedly, it's the new norm, there. Then again, non-dash dedicated smartphones are everywhere in the world these days, so no one should be surprised by cameras, anywhere, anytime.

Militant’s wife behind Volgograd suicide blast

Dmitry Sokolov (L) and Naida Asiyalova (Photo from vk.com)

Published time: October 21, 2013 22:31
Edited time: October 22, 2013 12:18

The 30-year-old female suicide bomber responsible for the deadly blast in Volgograd, central Russia, was a Dagestani national and allegedly the wife of a militant. She reportedly converted her husband to radical Islam to join the Dagestan rebels.

Naida Asiyalova, also known as ‘Amaturahman,’ blew herself up on a bus at around 2:05 p.m. Moscow time (10:05 GMT) on Monday, killing six people and injuring 37 - including a 20-month-old child.

The bomb detonated “almost immediately” after she entered the bus, which was heading away from the heart of the city, Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said.

Shocking dashcam video catches moment of deadly Volgograd terrorist attack on bus

Published time: October 22, 2013 20:14
Edited time: October 23, 2013 18:09

A new video released by the Investigative Committee shows the moment of the deadly blast in the Volgograd bus on Monday recorded by a dashcam in a car following the vehicle.

The footage shows the bus travelling along the road when the bomb rips through the right side of the vehicle.

The bus stops and after a couple of seconds people start leaping out of the windows or doors of the stricken bus while smoke clouds from the explosion dissipate.

Terror Trail: RT charts Volgograd bus bombing route

Published on Oct 23, 2013

A roadside service has been held in Volgograd, in memory of the six victims of a suicide bombing on Monday. More than forty others were wounded with doctors still fighting, to save the lives of the critically hurt. RT's Lindsay France pieced together what happened on that day from the unassuming start - to the horrifying end. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/ps2z2r

As horrendous as it was, luckily, there were survivors:

Volgograd mourns victims of bus bombing, police look for organizers

Published time: October 22, 2013 10:46
Edited time: October 23, 2013 09:17

Russian security forces are looking for the organizers of a deadly suicide bombing on a bus in Volgograd that killed six people and injured 37 on Monday.

The bomb, measured at about 500-600 grams of TNT equivalent, was detonated by 30-year-old suicide bomber Naida Asiyalova, a native of Russia’s southern republic of Dagestan, Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said.

Asiyalova, reportedly the wife of Dmitry Sokolov, a militant from the Dagestani capital, Makhachkala, detonated the bomb, filled with metal objects and dowel pins, after getting off a Moscow-bound bus on the outskirts of Volgograd and returning to the city center, Markin said.

Volgograd suicide blast was planned for Moscow - Investigative Committee source

Published time: October 21, 2013 18:45
Edited time: October 22, 2013 08:55

The suicide blast that devastated a bus in Volgograd was meant to take place in Moscow, a source in the Russian Investigative Committee told RT. The investigation also revealed that the bomber had conspirators in the capital who are on the wanted list.

Russia: Flowers laid at site of suicide bus bomb as investigation continues

Published on Oct 22, 2013

Volgograd citizens brought flowers Tuesday to the site of a suicide-bomber attack which left six people dead and over 30 injured. Federal Security Service specialists continued their investigation at the scene of the blast site where a passenger bus exploded on Monday.

About 20 people were transported to local hospitals, 7 of them with serious injuries. Four more victims were airlifted to Moscow by Emercom aircraft.

The suspect is Naida Asiyalova, a 30-year old woman from Russia's Dagestan region.

** Note, even though the body of the suicide bomber has been identified, they're still calling her a "suspect," this, Russia Today, the official Russian State TV describing a terrorist incident that happened on their own soil, even after a point in which they have no reason to merely refer to her as a "suspect:" American MSM would not hesitate to call her a bomber, immediately if told to do so by the WH. Sometimes, RT truly surprises...

Another Terrorist Attack in Russia: Looks like Russians have their hands full, for REAL, unlike the DHS & FBI's wholly made up, fake entrapment 'terrorism' cases here, or hyped up, non-existent, imaginary 'terror! terror!'-hysteria like fearing what may happen at a vewy vewy scawy pumpkin festival; just a few days prior to the bus bomging:

Southern Russian mosque blast: Terrorists blown up while preparing major attack

Published time: October 18, 2013 00:55
Edited time: October 18, 2013 17:34

The two people, killed in a blast in the yard of a rural mosque in Russia’s North Caucasus region, were terrorists preparing for an attack on a funeral procession, the police said.

The blast occurred on Friday around 3:20 am MSK in the village of Dugulbgey in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, with remains of bodies later found on site. No other injuries or casualties are reported.

The explosion shattered glass in the mosque’s windows and destroyed its roofs, with some nearby buildings also sustaining damage.

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