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Stephen Colbert Rips on Woodrow Wilson, Federal Reserve, Income Tax and More! (10/22/2013)

Colbert interviews Pulitzer Prize winning author A. Scott Berg about his new book "Wilson," a biography of Woodrow Wilson, whom Berg asserts early in the interview to be the "best" president. It is both hilarious and refreshing to hear Colbert's dialogue; he at one point even says the fed is "controlled by the illuminati."

Interview starts around 13:50 mark:


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This was actually a VERY funny segment!

He is much better when he isn't giving the guest a free pass and is actually giving them questions they are not expecting to get.

Anyone else notice, we keep electing presidents who promise

To not get involved in foreign wars? But then as soon as they get elected they send the troops to some foreign country? Wilson, FDR, Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Clinton, the Bushs, and Obama all ran as anti war presidents. The only presidents that managed to keep us out of foreign conflicts are Ford, Carter, and Reagan,


Colbert plays a character whom the audience is supposed to regard as a buffoon. He is mocking us. Mockery is a way to disparage others without advancing actual arguments. It is a cheap way to get laughs from people who dislike those being mocked.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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This was not Colbert standing up for the points he's talking about (fed etc.)...it's him making fun of us.

He entertains to a largely democratic fanbase

...there's nothing to say he can't believe what he says in character. To me it looked like Colbert was genuinely shocked for a moment when the guest said Wilson was the "best" president.

Jon Stewart would never make mention of the "illuminati" in relation to the fed, let alone say the fed is controlled by an illuminati. The mere fact that Colbert says this is a good thing in my opinion, for it could prompt people to actually investigate the issue themselves and find their own truths.

Intervista Fantastica!

How about Colbert would host a special in which he moderates a debate between A. Scott Berg and Judge Nap about Woodrow Wilson, that is, Berg's "Wilson" and the Judge's "Woodrow"? That would be super fun!

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Umm......maybe I should explain how satire works

I think he was actually making fun of us. However, he did throw in some zingers that might have been sincere. Hard to tell with him.

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A commercial or two is OK.

I'm a capitalist after all. But this is effing ridiculous. I shut it down and never watched the video.

Google is government.

I agree

On commercial #6 right now... One more before the interview. wtf

no way!

all of a sudden it's going to play 5 more commericals!!! after the 7 that I just sat through!

Interview starts at 14min.

Interview starts at 14min. "Truth in jest..." That guy was on his heals from minute one... If people only new Colbert was actually speaking many direct truths.

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