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Weirdest, Scariest, Racistest? Thing I've Seen In A While - What If The South Had Won The War?

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Well, it probably would have

Well, it probably would have taken decades longer for slavery to end. Not that slavery was the main cause of the war or anything, but oppressing a chunk of your population isnt going to advance you very far.

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Joe The Plumber Tweets

Joe The Plumber Tweets Burning Cross, Accuses Dems Of Having 'History Of Lynching Americans'

And what was the Civil War

And what was the Civil War really about?

If, as a result, Lincoln and his generals had been hanged,

THAT would have been a good start.

The actor who played the elderly expatriot Lincoln...

was brilliant...

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This is called the Confederate States of America

It is critically acclaimed independent documentary by a former University of Kansas film graduate. He is sort of a local hero of indy film in the area.

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This took a lot of cajones to make, absolutely.

I had the idea to search 'what if the south won?' on youtube and this came up. Wow, ain't life a trip???

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.


Spike Lee have something to do with this?

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updated with full version.

Here's the original part 1:


Don't feed the pandas. Ever.