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Anybody heard about these secret wings in some Federal prisons where they send people for crimes involving fervent "activism", "hacktivism", "dangerous communications" etc?

And, anyone ever communicated with someone in prison using CorrLinks?

This sounds shady, it's totally not. I got a CorrLinks invite from someone in Terre Haute and I'm trying to figure out why.... I know there's a CMU there. But I don't know why me, or how they got my email....?

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I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole

I would have immediately reported it as spam and wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Sounds like a fishing expedition to me. Had this happen a couple of times myself because of my controversial websites and content.

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I'd never heard of them until today...

..but was interested enough to run a search and found an informative article.

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CMU: A gov't experiment in social isolation?

Thanks for the article.
Thanks for the post.
Really, what's going on here.

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So far...

I've determined that because I've been somewhat outspoken about an illegally detained journalist that somehow my email is floating around cyberspace as a person to contact for exposure (which is not really the case.)

Of course, I don't condone the methods BB used which eventually landed him in the slammer, but more than that I don't condone the fact that he's been illegally detained for 400 days...for reasons that haven't been described in official charges beyond "posting a link."

It's a pretty big deal considering the Establishment is all up in cyber-arms trying to promote and push through CFAA, which would severely censor the internet and free speech.

I feel like if more people knew about all of these journalists, and activists behind bars that more people would take interest in CFAA--BB being the one that motivated me to start researching--albeit some of his tactics were not wise...

:) CMUs exist, and it's primarily people who gag orders wouldn't really prevent from reaching their intended, sometimes high profile or critical mass audience; the types of audiences and outlets that both BB, or AS (RIP) have and had.

Pardon my ignorance...

...but who are BB and AS?
UPDATE: nevermind.
I am guessing Barrett Brown and Aaron Swartz

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson