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A Government of Secrecy and Fear by Andrew P. Napolitano

Every American who values the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, every American who enjoys the right to be different and the right to be left alone, and every American who believes that the government works for us and we don’t work for the government should thank Edward Snowden for his courageous and heroic revelations of the National Security Agency’s gargantuan spying operations. Without Snowden’s revelations, we would be ignorant children to a paternalistic government and completely in the dark about what the government sees of us and knows about us. And we would not know that it has stolen our freedoms.

When I saw Snowden’s initial revelation – a two-page order signed by a federal judge on the FISA court – I knew immediately that Snowden had a copy of a genuine top-secret document that even the judge who signed it did not have. The NSA reluctantly acknowledged that the document was genuine and claimed that all its snooping on the 113,000,000 Verizon customers covered by that order was lawful because it had been authorized by that federal judge. The NSA also claims that as a result of its spying, it has kept us safe.

I reject the argument that the government is empowered to take our liberties – here, the right to privacy – by majority vote or by secret fiat as part of an involuntary collective bargain that it needs to monitor us in private in order to protect us in public. The government’s job is to keep us free and safe. If it keeps us safe but not free, it is not doing its job.


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Our Federal Government

Our Federal Government employees like James Clapper and General Keith Alexander treat his employers, the American people, with utter contempt and and vicious violations of our constitutional freedoms, as if we are their slaves. It just makes me want to beat the living siht out of people like that. Their supposed to be working for me protecting my freedoms, not taking them away.

Now if they want to tap Angela Merkel's phone, I don't give a flying fcuk about that bicth. That's Germany's problem to deal with. But I'm an American who's supposed to be served better by my government's employees that I'm paying for with my money!

Articulated Beautifully...

I was going to give that compliment to the op -- then I saw who wrote the text: Judge Nap and I just have to chuckle to myself: The guy just OWNS the english language and logical argument.

Keep us Free.
Keep us Safe.

You can't take from one to boost the other.

I feel less safe from my

I feel less safe from my government employees after new 9/11 laws than I did before 9/11 laws. My odds of being killed by a terrorists have not changed any mathematically measurable amount whatsoever.


Our odds may have increased with these new laws, especially since we've all but identified the real terrorists!

Yes, the Judge is an exceptional individual.

Glad he is on Lady Liberty's team.