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Huge News from C4L





Interestingly, Stossel will being doing a timely show tonight dedicated solely to the Federal Reserve. Details here. Thanks to ron_paul_is_awesome!


(Thanks tsai3904) See which Senators support an audit and which Senators still need to cosponsor Rand's bill:


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We need to know how much we owe them and for what.

RP says we owe over 2 trillion. They need to give us a detailed accounting of this.


I think auditing the IRS

I think auditing the IRS would be a better idea.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


why's that?

There's been talk of auditing

There's been talk of auditing the fed for a number of years now, and no action. Given the years of foreknowledge of an audit, something tells me they've already planned for such an event.

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Bump, sorry about the double post

My bad

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson


No worries, homie. I do it all the time. Thanks.


the F'ing FED!

Short of ending the fed, I am all for auditing it.

So, who is going to audit the fed to tell us that all is well with it?

Don't worry, I won't worry. With the 'results', I mean.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I believe Audit the Fed would

I believe Audit the Fed would pass. Liberals and conservatives both have their reasoning for wanting an audit. However, the votes won't be the hard part, the hard part will be getting Reid to allow a vote. It doesn't matter if there are 99 votes, Reid can just say no. So that's where the filibuster comes in, to pressure Reid to allow the bill on the floor.

Same C4L that screwed the

Same C4L that screwed the pooch during Ron's 2012 election??? Yeah.. good luck with that.....


What happened?

Benton and Tate ran that

Benton and Tate ran that campaign into the ground, with all their double speak and doubts. There were many people working closely with the campaign coming out saying some within the organization didn't have the supporters or Paul's interest at hand. They didn't fight for the stolen delegates and they downplayed every corrupt move against Paul. It was a complete disaster and it looked like it all came from the inside.

I was kicking myself for donating

then, but at least now Benton is gone - I don't have a very
clear idea of where they are at and how effective these

I get their mails, sign most of the online petitions,
haven't had money lately to give them anyway so haven't
had to agonize over that.

If/when I can donate something again, GOA and Derrick Grayson (TMOT)
and DP have priority over C4 in my book..

Has C4L cleaned up its act? Anyone know?

So you don't support

Audit the Fed then? We should leave those 44+ Senators hanging?


Yeah, that's pretty much along the lines of what I recall hearing. Thanks for the clarification.

No problem, bud.

No problem, bud.

44 Senators are on the record

of supporting an audit.

That figure doesn't include 8 Republicans who haven't made their positions known and doesn't include many vulnerable Democrats. We are very close to majority support.

Remember when the House voted on Audit the Fed in 2012, 238 out of 239 Republicans voted for the bill. If the Senate votes, we can expect many of those 8 Republicans to fall in line. Reid will have a hard time finding 60 votes to bypass Rand's demand.

This is the time everyone must pressure their Senators. There will not be another opportunity like this (Fed Chairman nomination) to forcefully pressure a vote on Audit the Fed until the Republicans gain control of the Senate, which may not happen til 2014 or 2016.

See which Senators support an audit and which Senators still need to cosponsor Rand's bill:


Waste of time.

Audit the US Treasury from the beginning.

Find out who the Federal Reserve Member are.

How many bailouts paid and how much franchise tax collected.

Free includes debt-free!

You think that has a better

chance of success than an audit, which already has support in Congress? Goldman has occupied the Treasury since the 1930s. I think you just like throwing cold water. Or maybe I just missed the legislation all ready to go, and people to support it, for Audit the Treasury and out the Owners.

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Thanks for posting,

this is a very important issue that should not be allowed to fade into the background. The Fed is the heart of the monster that we are all fighting against and people need to continue to educate others about the Ponzi scheme that they have been running for a century now. Glad to see that C4L and Rand are going to continue to keep this a priority.



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Never going to happen.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Prognosticating defeat

is such a pitiful contribution. lol.

What do we come here for if not to bring sunshine to the Fed?

What is your malfunction?


The solution is not going to come by sending FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES to CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY CORP, Sorry.

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I don't see how a call

to your Senator can do any harm. RP says have fun.


It will do little more than add you to the Federal Corporations enemy list.

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Ok, you take cover

I'll put my name on the list, by requesting that my elected representatives do the right thing and audit the fed.

You can't even reveal post subject headers? You are really under the radar, DrBatshit.

Even your name is censored!

Scurry and hide? That's no way. Live in the light, and die fighting.


I have ton plenty of call. I was part of the call army for 1206. The people on the other end of the phones are not ready to accept reality. If your coming up on radar than the enemy sees you coming. That is not how to fight the deception.

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roger that

ready for guidance..