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Robert Kiyosaki – Why Buy Silver Now?

Click Here to Watch the Video: http://marketsanity.com/kiyosaki-buy-silver-now/

“Silver is the best investment of all because it’s a consumable precious metal, whereas gold is horded. For the first time in the history of the world, there is more gold than silver on planet Earth. So silver is a bargain, even at $25.” Robert owns a silver mine, therefore he knows what silver is used for. “Because I’m in the industry, I understand who buys my silver: it’s industry. Water purification, electronics, every computer, every cell phone uses silver.” Robert does offer this word of caution: don’t come into the market late, or you’ll be a sucker.

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Why Buy Silver?

"Because if you and millions of other suckers who read my books do so, it will drive up the price and I will become even more insanely rich." - Bob Kiyosaki, American Huckster

This is old

Kiyosaki was talking about this back before the silver run up to nearly 50. It was good advice. But this info is from a couple years ago!

Why post it now?

"So silver is a bargain, even

"So silver is a bargain, even at $25.”

Perhaps...but Kiyosaki is not

Perhaps...but Kiyosaki is not currently saying that right now. So I think the post is misleading and misrepresenting Kiyosaki.

Personally, I picked up silver this summer when it dipped below 20.