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16,000,000 People About To Lose Health Insurance

1,000,0000 Americans have already lost health insurance due to Odumbacare, and it will be closer to 16,000,000 on the next renewal.


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A friend of mine has a horse boarding barn

He was telling about one of the farriers who was kicked by a horse. He had a fairly significant laceration and asked him if could take him to the hospital, the guy said no, that it would take forever and cost too much. The next time he saw him he asked how the wound turned out, the guy told him, I just stopped by my vet on the way home and she stitched it up for me.

Great. Add these 16 million to the 47 million with reduced

food stamps, Medicare, Social Security and Veterans benefits, and you have the motivation for a full scale insurrection from the best armed citizenry in the world.

You can live without insurance

I believe the administration is waiting on turn-out when people realize their insurance has been cancelled. Unfortunately, it has been ingrained that we need insurance.

You can live without insurance! With high deductibles you have been paying for your health care anyway. Take the money you would spend on insurance and save it for your healthcare needs and taking care of yourself - if you don't use it great - if you do need it join a group for only catastrophic care with very small monthly contributions. The REASON healthcare is so expensive is because of insurance - 50 years ago people did not have insurance and could afford medical care.

Insurance and federal student loans,

are key to seeing what happens to prices when there is a seemingly infinite pool of federal reserve notes just waiting for the taking. Not that long ago my parents worked their way through college with part time jobs and a little hay hauling on the side. If you got hurt, you went to the hospital, then paid the bill. None of that is really possible in the "new and improved" supposedly free market. It really kills me to hear people discussing our "free market". Are we really that stupid?


I see insurance as a form of speculation, and unnecessarily so when intruding upon the relation between patient and medic.

Hopefully if the ACA perishes, it will take the oppressive mandated auto insurance laws with it too

There are other insurance

There are other insurance options as well. I am 25 and spend $20 bucks a month on accident insurance that pays cash for certain events such as broken leg, ambulance etc.

I have not been sick in years but with ski season coming up it is a nice peace of mind.

If you are going to by accident insurance though make sure you look at the list of 'excluded activities' to be sure they will cover your lifestyle.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Absolutely ...

... and if we could get government out of health care, quality would go up and costs would become affordable for everyone, with free healthcare provided by charitable doctors for the truly poor -- just like it was before the government stepped in.

Remember the commercial about Ron Paul giving free care to the couple who could not afford the doctor bills for the birth of their child? Back in the day, it was just accepted that a doctor would do that, when necessary.