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Who I am!

Politics were not part of the repertoire within my family while growing up. However, the sometimes fanatical adherence to religion, namely Christianity abounded within my family as a child. I never got it! I tried to understand and see, sometimes to the strain of festering tears over my inability to comprehend such ideas. The only memory I have of politics finds me at the age 10, sitting in the family room with my parents and grandparents and a few other faceless bodies, watching the presidential inauguration of George H. W. Bush. I had no idea of the significance of this event and I cannot recall the emotions or reactions of my family at that time, but looking back now it is clear that many within my family surely voted for him some 25 years ago.

Possibly needless to say, I stayed far away from politics and religion most of my life until I found the teachings of Buddhism in college. I believe to this day that in the year 2002 I experienced enlightenment, or at least a shift or dimension that was overwhelmingly joyous and peaceful and that experience has followed me and stuck with me to this day. I don’t necessarily adhere to ANY teaching, religious in nature or spiritual in nature, BUT I practice what allows me to become a better man, father, husband and human being, which is definitely not devoid of the teachings I’ve been fortunate enough to discern for myself. I could have easily fell into the same Bible-toting, scripture quoting path that my Grandparents were known for, but try as hard as I could it was not the reality for me. I never felt the Holy Spirit after my baptismal ceremony, I never felt the presence of Jesus or the Lord God from the pews of the church and I could never understand the intolerance and outright despising of those who either didn’t conform or believe as they did or respect the same sexual ideologies.

Even at the age of 10 I was able to see the hypocrisy of those who claimed to follow the path of a tolerant and all-loving God. It was enough for me to disavow God for quite some time and to this day my beliefs regarding religion center more around Anti-theism and Anti-organized religion than anything else. I have no qualms with anyone practicing what they believe and feel, but the salesman-conversion tactics and fearmongering regarding eternal Hell-fire are quite foolish to me and I am unable to accept and indulge in such persuasions of threat. I cannot entertain Vicarious Redemption as the means to mankind’s salvation as it strips man of the capacity for self-reliance and self-responsibility for his/her own life. I would like to think that we are strong enough to provide for our own redemption rather than placing the collective and continual burdens of mankind upon the back of one figure of history. It seems quite selfish and traditionally apathetic.

I do not know where this is going but I like to think that my story can be appreciated here. And it continues on to about two years ago, when I first heard Alex Jones on television. He was part of a series concerning nothing less than “conspiracies”. As I listened to him speak something beckoned me to listen and attentively so and for the first time in my life all prior speculations, thoughts and doubts about government were honored with the words he spoke. I was no longer afraid to express my feelings and I owe so much of that to Alex, however rash and overbearing he can be. But the ultimate stick in my side came when the episode mentioned Ron Paul and the movement that was 2008. To say that I was oblivious to Ron Paul in 2008 would be an understatement. And yes, in 2008 I voted for “Hope and Change” in order to get the prior corruptor out of office, not realizing I was voting in his kin. This is how oblivious I was at age 30.

October 24, 2013 finds me at 35 years of age, married with two beautiful children. Over the past year I have written numerous letters-to-the-editor which have been published in three local newspapers. I have questioned with formal letter the inoculations administered by our pediatrician as posted here at the DP. I have taken it upon myself to make questioning a common practice and am teaching my son to do the same, even if it means questioning me. It is an interesting situation to find oneself in once you come forth on a public stage and voice your views of government, war, military and other “conspiratorial” ideas, such as GMO foods, Water Fluoridation, etc. Let me just say, I don’t speak quite as often with those who have read my views in the local publications and that is the most disappointing aspect of awakening. However unfortunate the isolation, I would be fighting my own conscience and morality by continuing to “go-along to get-along”. I CANNOT GO BACK! It is not just a choice any longer, it is a lifestyle I am compelled to seek everyday and it is non-negotiable. One can only become so disheartened before the change that compels one to speak out is upon them, God or no God.

I may never meet a single one of you, but I feel a connection with you all by the ideas and questions we harbor, raise and announce here at the DP. I am fortunate in this life to have come to my wits, even if after 30. Some never do. Some cannot handle it, therefore they may CHOOSE their apathy at the expense of those who have shed it.

Peace and Love always.

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How can you make this claim

"I believe to this day that in the year 2002 I experienced enlightenment..." then go on to disparage others by pointing out their "fanatical adherence to religion, namely Christianity" and 'hypocrisy'? Is that not hypocritical in itself?
The concept of 'enlightment' contains within it the acknowledgement that there are no differences. Yet you see differences. And you are willing to point a finger at others forgetting that for your one finger that points to another there are 3 pointing back at you.
As no one directly asked for your thoughts, why make a concerted effort to elaborate on the foibles of your very own family from which you were granted the greatest gift of all, life?
Since posting invites commentary, I will say this: Let others be, just work on yourself and relate your personal story. There was no reason whatsover to interject your 'disapproval' of how others conduct themselves. Where is the Love in that?
I, too, was raised in a very Christian household, but I thank God every day that I was. The main message I learned was Love. I had no interest in hellfire or eternal damnation so dismissed what I felt didn't apply, but never would I charge my parents with hypocrisy; it is their belief. Let them have what they are comfortable with. In conversation with them I may question their belief, but never in such a way that it could mistaken for attack - and, Pen, this reads as an attack: "I could have easily fell into the same Bible-toting, scripture quoting path that my Grandparents were known for.."
Where is the love in that? Where is the compassion and gentleness of a loving soul?
It is never about what another thinks, believes or does. It is only about how you believe and act and if your actions match your words.
I would have appreciated your post more if you didn't raise yourself to the level of an enlightened being (or 'near enough is good enough' level), then fall off the pedastal of your own making by deriding others for their beliefs.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison


Thank you so much for your response. I want to give it the attention it requires as it has really struck an emotional chord within me. It was not my intent to disparage others by the words I writ. I was trying to point out what it was I recalled as a young boy and yes, describing their adherence as fanatical is accurate AND that isn’t to imply negativity as you have so done. It was an observation and the words I’ve used to describe it were laid with precision of thought and recollection. When I say in 2002 I experienced “Enlightenment”, it was not meant to imply Buddhist Enlightenment simply because I was studying Buddhism, rather as I expounded a feeling of enlightenment was really the only way I could explain it. I have written several poems (some posted here at the DP) regarding the emotions and feelings I experienced at that time, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was “Buddhist” enlightenment or other “religious”-based enlightenment…it was simply an enlightening experience.

I understand and am ever grateful for the union that brought me life and my pointing out of “foibles” is in no way meant to degrade those who took part in my being alive. I am not pointing fingers. I am speaking from experiences first-hand and pointing out hypocrisies of those claiming to follow doctrines and teachings while setting examples that went directly against what it was I was being taught. I was not making a concerted effort to degrade or point out another person’s faults, I was simply stating what took place.

“I could have easily fell into the same Bible-toting, scripture quoting path that my Grandparents were known for...” – this is not an attack. I was stating the truth as to how they conducted themselves as far as their practice of Christianity. When I say I coudl have fallen into the same practices, I say that with sincerity due to being immersed in the religion as a child. I am raising myself to the level of an enlightened being by raising questions that argue the hypocrisies and examples set by others, regardless of who they are or their relation to me. Family has always been the most important part of my life, but that doesn’t mean I cannot question the practices I was supposed to follow when they directly contradict the examples representative of those practices. I appreciate your response and please know that this post was to share another part of my life and nothing more. Peace to you.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

What I love about this place is the diversity of it all.

My story is the mirror opposite of yours, the only real difference I guess, is that I DID find Truth in Christianity and realized the reason others don't is because most Christians don't understand it either. I never understood this growing up and always thought "well God accepts everyone, so those people are crazy". It wasn't until after I found Ron Paul and began studying History, Economics, Liberty, the Founders, did I start to see the pattern of REAL Christians, and it's like 95% of them today that just don't follow it.

A pastor asked in church one time, "how many people here cry at night because others are not believers?", and as what I consider an outside the box view, I DO think about this nightly, and it saddens me to think the majority of those I think of are people who call themselves Christians.

What I really want out of this site one day, is for all of us to come together and share the knowledge we all learned on our paths, these paths that took us in different directions but lead us to the same place.

Similar story too

Politically awakening after college, introduced to RP through AJ, and becoming publicly active since then.

I am thus very thankful to stand with others who have sought enlightenment, as I can't help but think that politics is the ideal opportunity for conscionability, although we haven't yet instituted policy to fully recognize the virtue in each individual
(ex. dignifying the prerogative of choice concerning public domain while removing unprincipled coercion etc)

In any case, I feel very lucky to have discovered the DP with other benevolent souls here, and peace and joy to you ahead

Accurate accounting

Much is in the way between human beings who share a desire (or need) in accurate accounting, for example, words may be willfully deceptive, having duplicitous meanings.

If a single word can be used deceptively, and considering the compounding of error as a factor, therefore whole sentences can present a listener with a wall of falsehood, even when the speaker intends to share accurate accounting.

Since your efforts appear to work effectively despite the barriers of language, I wonder what you might think about the following source of information, and I will pick out one small example out of the many possible examples that may be of interest to you, perhaps sufficient to inspire return comments from you, which is of interest to me.


(xxii) The deliberate modification of English to being not only a commercial language but the primary language of occult knowledge and usage was confirmed by the massive undertaking in the creation of the “Authorized Version” of the Bible also known as the King James Version and the KJB or KJV. A further one thousand (1,000) words were introduced into the English language out of approximately eight thousand (8,000) word forms used in the text. Most significantly, the use of the Persian word God / Gad as the public name for Sabaoth, also known as Satan was introduced to replace Yehovah (YHVH) of the Catholic Church since the 8th Century as the primary deity worshipped, making the Church of England the reformed Aryan (Persian) religion of Menes, later known as Judaism.

Your story of how your connection to Organized Christian Religion is similar to mine, and my experience now includes many competitive explanations (from that link offered) offered in reference to where human beings were led onto deceptive paths.

Thanks for the topic.



I appreciate your interest and thank you for reading my thread. All I can say, as I am absolutely ignorant to the example you suggested, is that language is man-made. The language of our ancestors, whether 100 years ago or 10000 years ago is always changing and "being" manipulated to serve vain or trite endeavors for power (relative) and money (counterfeit).

I try not to study what I already feel to be falsehoods of history, because in the end I can only feel what I feel. I have never needed to name God, rather I try to enjoy all that IT brings and affords.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Not knowing

I have no way of knowing, other than asking, and then being given the accurate answer, as to your desire (or need) to know if there is an accurate version of history.

I can name a few very important examples of reasoning that aid in the realization of how competitive the concept of knowing accurate history can be compared to know knowing.

An accurate history of religion

An accurate history of politics

An accurate history of economics

People may be led to believe that their beliefs are beneficial when in reality their beliefs work to cause injury to innocent people.

Do you feel (believe) that the link I offered is "falsehoods of history"?


Beautifully written Pen,

and a wonderful read.
Take heart that with getting older, you earn the right to no longer be afraid to speak out and go against the grain of public opinion, in fact, it is liberating!