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NSA Spied on Phones of 35 World Leaders

The National Security Agency eavesdropped on hundreds of phone numbers belonging to dozens of world leaders, newly leaked documents supplied by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden reveal.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper wrote Thursday that a classified memo provided to them by Mr. Snowden suggests that the NSA encouraged officials within the United States government and intelligence community to share among their colleagues contact information pertaining to international heads of state.

According to the Guardian, the memo made reference to an unnamed US official who had reportedly supplied the NSA with over 200 numbers, including 35 belonging to world leaders.


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Suspected terrorists are

Suspected terrorists are they

This is why you dont give them this ability, this system, to any, at ALL, absolute power corrupts absolutely, this is a f example of it........now when the "LEADERS" become "immune", does that mean EVERYBODY gets back their privacy rights, or just the "leaders", assuming they dont lie between their teeths and SAY they stopped, but actually vamped up the secrecy and detection

Before technology,

"they" tapped phones, intercepted correspondence, planted spies, hid in wall hangings and secret panels, used peep holes, eavesdropped, and set up Honey Traps.
This has been going on for centuries.
I'm not saying it is right, just not new.


kind of trying to imply that it's not a big deal though, aren't you? You might not be saying it's right, but your comment tries to down play how wrong and important it actually is.

Espionage and spying IS a big deal,

especially when it is on everyday citizens going about their everyday business....just saying that within Governments it is not new, and has been going on since forever.

maybe we can get Merkel & Co to call for impeachment?

Congress doesn't listen to the people, maybe they'll listen to the heads of states.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Only if

a payoff is involved.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul