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Judge Napolitano: The Government Violated Same Statute It's Attempting To Prosecute Snowden For

A brand-new report suggests that Hillary Clinton's State Department leaked confidential national security secrets to New York Times reporter David Sanger.

The leaks were allegedly in exchange for writings that made the department look tougher.

Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the severity of the leaks on this morning's Fox and Friends.

"All governments leak information, we know that. But when the government leaks national security secrets in return for favorable treatment in the press, the government is showing its hypocrisy because it is violating the very same statute that it's attempting to prosecute Edward Snowden for violating," Napolitano said.


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Sorry, if I'm a shade cynical...

Is this supposed to be news?

This government breaks any law it feels like breaking and Hillary- queen of cattle futures, Vince Foster, and Benghazi- is clearly above the law.

So yea, I'm not surprised by any of this. When this tinpot dictator starts prosecuting bankers and actually doing something morally or ethically correct- please wake me up. Until then, I am taking a three year nap.

Thank you.


This is

a specific example we shouldn't forget.