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Ken O'Keefe: Amazing Debate Calling Out 9/11, American Empire, Petrodollar, Propaganda For War

Ken O'Keefe debates Lee Kaplan and tells it like it is!


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Liberty versus Death

Fact versus Fiction

Voluntary Association versus Crime made Legal

Consent of the Governed versus Blind obedience to falsehood, threat, and aggressive violence without question

Person A speaks first, employing accurate communication offered to anyone caring to know better.

Person B speaks second, employing willful distortions of the words spoken by Person A.

The lies are no longer competitive in any sense of the word, so how much longer are the liars going to be able to raise their income as they continue to sell their lies?

What happens when the buyers of those lies no longer believe the lies?


Former US Marine Ken O'Keefe

Former US Marine Ken O'Keefe is saying virtually everything I've said for many years. I'm glad he has the energy to say it on TV for me.