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I Made an NSA Ad Parody

Saw a Sprint ad that was just asking to be parodied.


Original ad here:


First every political parody video, so I'm very open to criticism/suggestions.

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"Spoiler alert, they're both ..." What was that last line? I couldn't make it out for the life of me.

If it's any use: typically when I hear about the NSA spying on specific things, I tend to get all glossy eyed even though I remember Binney and Cline coming out years ago with this stuff. Shit ain't new.

When I try to tell people, "Hey, you know the NSA is collecting literally everything you do electronically." They tend to do the same thing. I know it's not permeating a single atom of their brain matter. They can't extrapolate the implications.

I don't know how to help them connect the dots.

Figure out how to really convey the gravity of the situation (Ie, the danger of this power) and make it real for people who specifically don't follow politics and you'll have some viral shit.

Most of these folks still think they are the government and democracy is some kind of god send.

Keep it up, homie!