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Has the Daily Paul Been Morally Compromised?

A few hours ago, I posted a video of a six year old Palestinian boy welcoming a much older Jewish boy, who family had illegally settled on Palestinian land. After the Palestinian boy extended and shook the Jewish boy's hand, he turned and walked away. A second or so after the Palestinian boy's back was turned, the Jewish boy picked up a rock and threw it at the Palestinian boy.

When I returned to the DAILY PAUL a few minutes ago, I found that the video had been deleted as "Spam".

I reported this to the Moderator "Suggestion Box," but I am not holding my breath waiting for the video to be re-posted. If it is not, I will know the DAILY PAUL has really been morally compromised and the only people who belong here are The Granger and Velveeta Underground.

"Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member."
Groucho Marx

UPDATE: NOW, there is no way to reply to your remarks. The original video can be found at http://www.sott.net/article/267951-After-handshake-Jewish-sq...

STILL think this is not censorship?

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This post is a little bit whiny.

I'm not knocking your sentiments here Bob-45, I'm pretty much in agreement with you regarding the overall situation over there. At the same time, if you're going to jump ship on this site over this, I can't help but think that you're being a little bit childish. The Granger gets ripped to shreds every time she posts something rabidly pro-Israel, You've got more people on your side here than not.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

Hey Bob...Simmer Down

...and stick around.
Mike Nystrom's away and is coping with some heavy stuff.
He doesn't need another "crisis" right now.
We all know what's up...so do you.
'nuff said?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


and what purpose would that video serve us?

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Were you supposed to be served



If you have the time to put together a post I would imagine you are trying to community something to the dailypaul community as a whole.

So I am asking. What is the point of the post that went into spam.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Remember these words of wisdom

When you throw a rock over the neighbors fence, it's only the "hit" dog that yelps.



The third top post of the day is MN saying, I Encourage You To Bring Your Interests Here." And on that thread, I asked if that meant the ban on that tiny country that shall not be named, ISRAEL, was off, and the thread concluded that the ban is off.

Why have I not been posting about all the amazing outstanding wonderful exciting most excellent movies,arts, science, technology, history, business, medicine, peace, about Israel? Because I'm happy, and maybe these riches are just for me, and I don't need to shove pearls in the faces of those who prefer to see blood grind hate, wax bitter, blame and think they know the whole truth.

If you look at my list of top posts, they have all been wonderful posts about Malala, I love her, and my favorite actress, from the West Bank, Hiam Abbass.. and I LOVE West bank movies.. that really helped me put the Mid East in perspective.. what AUTHORITY means.. who the hell would want to live under a Palestinian Authority that allows Islams radicals do their jobs.. A lot of Arabs LOVE Israel.

Millions are seeking Amnesty in Israel, and not just Jews, but refugees from countries that are chasing out and murdering those who do not follow the sovreign tyrant they were so misfortunate to get as a leader.

Anyways.. I have no problem with any post or video about my beloved Israel (I wish I was a duel citizen, and my love is not religious, and what's spiritual is mine). I believe that Israel is a mirror of the soul. What you seek, you shall find. If you seek hate, you will find it in spades. If you seek clubs, or diamonds, or LOVE.. what ever you seek.. when you look to Israel, what you say reflects YOU, not Israel. Israel is a tiny country with a universal spirit.

Meanwhile.. I didn't see the vid, but it reminds me of a situation happening in Israel (least we forget Sharon expelled 400,000 Jews from Gaza in 2005, and the IDF is constantly expelling Jewish settlers).. Millions of people are seeking Amensty in Israel, and some folks have money.. and they come to Israel, and they want to buy a house.. and they get set up, where they buy land that can not be bought, Palestinian Authority is broken..so a "land owner" sells his property to a Jewsih Settler, who after he builds, find that he has build illegally.. it's a big corrupt mean game..

Who knows, maybe the kids had been fighting since the day the Jewish family moved in.. and then the Jewish family got the news from the IDF.. You are Illegally Settled you have so many days to leave... and the Trans Jordan refugess knew that.. and so they teased them.. "Welcome" (because we all know you got the pink slip).

I think hatred there is perpetuated and stimulated by jealousy and envy.. Blaming Israel is not a solution because Israel is not the problem. Who has any problem with Druze Israelis (except those who believe female castration makes better women?).

"the thread concluded"

Hmmm... not the same conclusion I reached from reading the thread.

Such a fear of this group

If it were a video with a hooded kkk white boy and a black child walking away, would it have been taken town.


It is rather sad actually, but not unexpected.

One would have imagined that the DP would be a bastion of free speech given its provenance. Nevertheless it is very normal for human beings to find it impossible to live according to their principles.

That being said we must also recognise that "free" speech has its limitations. We have no unalienable right to lie, to be profane, to blaspheme, to promote violence, pornography and unlawful behaviour, to verbally abuse one another or to disseminate all the other things that many believe are protected by a guaranteed right to "free" speech.

It is my belief that the unalienable right to free speech is given to us in order to discover the Truth through free intercourse with each other without fear of suppression of our beliefs, thoughts or ideas provided only that we conduct this search in a spirit of love and respect for the Truth and eschew all of the other manifestations that have become associated with the notion of "free" speech mentioned above.

The debates and discussions surrounding the state of Israel and the untoward influence of the Jewish community and that state in the governance of the United States (and other countries for that matter) were a legitimate topic for discussion on a website that promotes political activism of all kinds and seeks to provide a forum for the discussion of political ideas and philosophies.

However the debates themselves tended to become a dialogue of the deaf and did not further the purpose for which free speech is intended. Too often the protagonists for the pro- and anti- Israeli influence camps ended up refusing to consider any aspects of their opponents' arguments and determinedly and often obtusely stuck to their position in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This was I believe the cause of the addition of this topic to the list of prohibited speech. Personally I think this was an overreaction and we shall no doubt see a tentative retreat from this absolutism in the future provided that the rules of engagement can be laid down clearly and applied justly.

There has been what I think is an urban legend circulating on the internet for the past five or six years with regard to a putative quotation from Voltaire:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

I do not know where this quotation originated (someone in America given the spelling) but although it probably does not actually quote anything Voltaire wrote or said, it does nevertheless accurately describe a current reality. In marketing parlance the practice is called "jamming". This is another aspect of the censorship of any discussion of the Israel question that should be considered as cooler heads prevail and a more reasonable approach to the question can be developed.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

I do have the right to lie.

And to all other expressions of speech. That doesn't guarantee a right to a podium and an audience. And if I were to lie, that's not to say that there might not be consequences. Family members, friends, co-workers, employers... no one likes to be lied to.

Furthermore, given that we live in a society, not on our own islands, there is a time and place for everything, no less when there are conflicting rights. I can't exercise my rights in such a way that it would deprive someone else of his rights. Whose rights trump whose? Where rights conflict, where dialogue is not possible to come to a determination and, possibly, compromise, it can sometimes require some third party to determine, perhaps a court and jury of one's peers.

I also beg to differ that we were "given" a right to free speech. Indeed, we *give* to the government the power to protect that inalienable right, which is ours by virtue of the fact we are human. While you might have a personal opinion as to how we might best make use of that right (i.e., "in order to discover the Truth..."), my right is not predicated on exercising it some particular way. What is mine thanks to my Creator require no rationalization.

As to the Daily Paul, we are guests, with house rules determined by the host, whose prerogative it is to keep house however he wishes. Our choice is to accept his participation rules - or pure whims! - or go elsewhere, perhaps developing our own site with some different parameters. What one person considers appropriate another might not.

While obviously there is something we all have in common that drew us here, given the debates I've observed on this site it's not what I'd consider an echo chamber, as with some other sites. I think it's done a pretty good job in serving as an open forum for the exchange of ideas. I can't say I have always agreed as to whom or what is allowed (or not); I can accept that "principled" people might disagree.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Morals are out the window


I don't know where you come from, but morals are out the window in the Middle East; it can't be fixed. The crusades never ended really and still continue on. The cycle of death. It is a fools dream of peace for the Middle East. Unless there is victor to the war and even then perhaps there will be no peace. We need to concentrate on our own in America. We still have a chance to save our own.

Why's Velveeta getting thrown under the bus

I rather like the fellow.

one time my friends

sister threw a rock at her brothers head and that proves feminism is taking over all girls minds. Or it proves that children are immature.

My personal take on israel is that we need to leave them and their enemies alone, honestly both sides really want a war, let them have it so we can finally stop focusing on them. Non interventionist means not intervening even if their is fighting or unfairness. Seriously what do you propose to stop "evil" israel or "evil" palistine? Short of bombing one side or the other what do you want us to do by showing these videos?

Excellent observation.

But I would have just let the post get ignored.

bigmikedude's picture


As has been stated around here before: "Arguing about Jews doesn't seem to contribute to much around here but division." And I agree with and support that position.

Most Israel posts are what I have come to term snowball topics. When one gets posted, within a few days we have five floating around, and all of them accomplish the same thing - nothing, except division. They don't solve any problems. They just clutter DP with division, hate, and contention that descends into bottomless depths of insults until the comments are a quarter inch wide.

And another position I second being one of us that has to deal with the fallout - We don't have the time, effort, energy or interest in sorting out the He said, She said, battles created by this topic when they light up the modbox with complaints.

It becomes tiresome.

Hope that explains it. I personally like much of the off-beat stuff you post.

I agree with you

The only problem I see is that a video of one incident isn't proof, it is example. And it can be inflammatory, and someone can easily post a counterpoint video of one person doing one bad thing that is equally inflammatory. The truth is in statistics, and government policy statements but most people are so emotional about this issue it is difficult to get a good discussion.

Showing any kind of Israeli crime ist verboten

I posted a thread a while back asking if Zionism & Libertarianism are compatible ideologies and it was taken down immediately as well.

We soulless beasts aren't meant to question the chosen ones. As the masters they're only to be presented in positive light.

I'm not surprised to read your content was deleted. The mods here react to Israeli/Palestinian truth the same way the political establishment reacts to Ron Paul truth.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?



COPE To Free Yourself Of Bondage ...

... To Other's Moral Compromises.


Bob, I understand your exasperation, but in this struggle for the cause of Truth, Liberty and Peace we are use to frustration and disappointment, aren't we?

You know the drill. Take a breath. Stick around. I appreciate your company and would sorely miss your postings and comments.



Do you feel sad for the kid who threw the rock?

There is currently a soft ban on posting such videos here, either side of the topic. You won't be seeing such videos posted from Velveeta or Granger either. This year's postings on the topic are overkill and poetic testament that debate is utterly futile and conflict is ultimately served. I sympathize to some degree with your plight of frustration with really sad stuff happening all over the planet, but hey, have you ever been to Palestine or Israel? Not that I don't believe the video was real, or really sad, but if you're the type to find really sad stuff to post here, how about posting the story of that boy in your local neighborhood who got maliciously pelted with a rock, or that boy the same age in that detention facility on the outskirts of your town who just got raped. Did you know that in the united States of America rape of males is more frequent than that of females? Funny what we miss when we focus on the other side of the planet.

how dare you

So someone posts a story about genocide and how one "chosen" group abuses a "less chosen" group and you wish to suggest we talk about kids throwing rocks in Murikkka?

Israeli children are conditioned from birth to believe Palestinians are animals and should be treated accordingly. They're raped, robbed, beaten and murdered on a daily basis...

You've added absolutely nothing to the conversation.

Suck a fat one.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

Grow up

Palestinians are raised the same way, that Israel doesn't exist, that the land is stolen, and that all Jews are of Satan. It goes both ways, the only difference is that the Israelites have the upper hand this time around. I've seen plenty of videos of Jews and Palestinians friends too


It's not "both ways"

Palestinians aren't stealing Israeli land. Uniformed Palestinian soldiers aren't beating and raping Israeli children... The Palestinians aren't spraying Israeli neighborhoods with raw sewage. Palestians didn't build an apartheid state... and Palestinians aren't using YOUR US TAX DOLLARS to do it.

It's not "both ways"

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

Who told you this?

Where did you get this information? Have you ever considered YOUR source?

When you say "Palestinians", who exactly are you talking about? Can you place them on a map? And if you can, can you tell us the name on the map?

Who is stealing whose land? What are the borders of this land? Who are the leaders? And we can go both sides of this issue by the way, depending on what part of the border.. Israeli mushaves are comprised of nationalities, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Jewish refugees from all over the world, and million more dying to got into Israel.

Why are millions of people, Jewish and non-Jewish trying to move to Israel?

Do you keep a count of how many times Israel is bombed? Do you have any idea?

When I read posts like yours, I see a good person, a compassionate caring person, who has bought a lie designed to cash in on your ignorance. You stopped asking questions.. you actually have no idea about what the treaties are, what wars have been fought, what, who why and how the refugees, and the war between global government and what it means to be sovereign with what you've got, and for some, it's nothing, other it's oil that is running out, and few, brains.. and brains gets bashed by those who can't think for themselves and have decided to stand for lies.

When you say Palestinian, what exactly are you talking about, because to a Palestinian, that means NOTHING but that you are a stupid American who buys bullshit and for the unscrupulous to profit off the misery. Palestinian is a coin word. Don't buy it.

Grow up

IzUnReal land is stolen.


Actually, I do know that, John.

Just as prostate cancer is more frequent than breast cancer. However, both men and women agree that breasts are sexy, so that disease gets more attention and funding.

Anal rape is the leading cause of death among male runaways.

I posted the video because it effectively refutes all the pro-Israel, anti-Muslim spin here and everywhere else on the web and censoring it, in my opinion, is exercising the poorest form of judgment possible. I won't even read articles about domestic minority-on-white crime, because I am quite aware of the intent behind it. Besides minorities victimize minorities at a far higher rate than they do whites. Most bigots think they are better than their victims; however, most at least acknowledge their victims are human; whereas, the Talmud calls gentiles "cattle" and equates having sex with them as "bestiality". That is really pathological, and ignoring it has resulted in some of the greatest evil perpetrated in history.

I post a lot of positive stuff here, especially technological breakthroughs. Yet, most of what I post is ignored or ridiculed, whereas, something smarmy, petty or mainstream Christian will get a large number of up votes. This is supposed to be a libertarian website. What party of "liberty" do the moderators and subscribers not understand?

I share your frustration, Bob-45, and I think the majority

here would agree. But, the spin you speak of is from outside of DP. Most people here know the truth. Because a couple don't and would have us "rethink" (for lack of a better descriptive word) our position and post things that offend the sensibilities and/or intelligence of rest of us, a ban has been imposed on the entire subject.

It's not that your post was spam. It's because the subject is verboten here, and for damn good reasons. Can't keep feeding the hate.

You are wide awake and should you choose to leave, it would be a loss to our community. Please calm down, think it over and realize there is no reason for you to say goodbye to friends.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I appreciate the comments, both positive and negative.

For those of you who consider this a "trivial problem," realize that our "love affair" with Israel has not only bankrupted the country through endless Middle East conflicts, the US have copied the Israeli doctrine of preemptive war, torture and spying on our closest "allies," collectively leading to the likelihood of complete destruction of the United States and, possibly, the end of the human race by thermonuclear war. What could be more important than that?

For those of you offering me encouragement, I say, "Thank You." However, if you are sincere, and I believe you are, please, at least, comment on more of my positive or "far out" postings. I am only offended when the remarks are offensive; I deeply respect critical thinking and enjoy opposing views as much as agreement.

While many of my remarks in the past have been out of frustration, I wrote this post out of alarm. We narrowly avoided thermonuclear war TWICE already this year, once over North Korea and once over Syria. Come November 1, we may well have an armed insurrection against the US government; at the very least I expect the worst riots across the US since the 1960s. Also,we have been discussing a possible complete financial collapse in a theoretical way since I first subscribed to the DAILY PAUL six years ago. Now, mainstream media are reporting it, just as BUSINESS WEEK predicted the 1929 stock market crash SIX MONTHS before it actually happened. FORBES just made a similar prediction about our present economic outlook. We are at "Zero Hour," and I am most alarmed that so many of you are not prepared for it, psychologically. Mental preparation is most important, because quick, correct decision making will make the difference between life and death for you and your families. I once advised my sister not to have elective surgery. I told her, "If you do, you are going to die." She had the surgery two days later, and five days after that, she was dead. It does not get more real than that.