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The Federal Reserve: The Skeleton Key Of Tyranny

I've been extremely happy with all the (negative) press the Fed has been getting lately, so I decided to write a little about it myself. I believe it's the single most important issue we can talk about because it's the enabler of all the awful government policies and wars that we all disagree with. Check it out:

"Regardless of their political beliefs, more and more people are realizing that there is something deeply wrong not only with this country, but with the world, and that it is getting worse every day. We see more wars, a government that's growing to truly frightening levels, more taxes, jobs leaving the country and unemployment in general, and absurdly high prices for just about everything.

With so much obviously wrong, many people get discouraged or disgusted and never find out that there is a single root cause to many of these problems and it's right under their nose. Without a doubt, the problem is our money and the system by which it is created: the Federal Reserve.

Entire civilizations have risen and fallen because of their money, yet few people know or even care where their money comes from or what is really is. It's an extremely difficult topic to discuss simply because any explanation is long-winded and the process is intentionally confusing. But if power can be bought - and everyone knows that a Senator is the best investment - then the power to create money out of thin air is a magic trick that obviously needs explaining. I understand that this is a long post, but please, take a little time to read this or bookmark it and check it out again later because it truly is the single most important issue facing not only us Americans but every person in the world."

Read the rest at:

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