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What will a Fed audit show and what are the ramifications?

Obviously we all understand the negative effects the Federal Reserve has on our economy but I'd like to get opinions from some of your great minds on what an audit would actually show and what would the ramifications of the findings be?

Possible Findings:
- I assume it would reveal much more debt that we know.
- Probably less gold in reserves than we know.
- Probably a history of shady deals with banks and governments.
What else?

Possible Ramifications:
- Would there be a run on the banks?
- Would cash instantly lose value if much more debt and less gold were revealed?

I'm hoping that understanding this may help some of us prepare better if we actually think a Federal Reserve Audit will happen.

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It will reveal astonishing

It will reveal astonishing facts about missing trillions and payouts to foreign countries, while our own country struggles ... nothing will happen.