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Gunboats Seen Patrolling in Eden Isles, Louisiana

Spot Report: Gunboats, unmarked, fully equipped patrolling in Eden Isles or doing maneuvers?

This is taking place in the canals around Slidell, Louisiana. These are military gun boats. No one has seen this in this area before.


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"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009


Today is the first day in my life that I have seen a squadron of armed helicopters fly over the land formally known as the United States of America.

It's over. We are at the end game.

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false flag, coming soon

then martial law and the dollar collapse

DHS, backed by foreign and domestic military forces...
declares open season on {us all}

hope i'm wrong. get out there and start talking with family, friends and neihbors

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!


I just had a bizarre thought--

who on earth has this kind of money?

And where does it ultimately come from?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I'm beginning to realize that--

though we have been long 'awake' and realize that the left/right paradigm is a lie--

and though we've been using alternative medicine and have seen some terrible medical mistakes--

we've been so busy just trying to survive that we would have NO clue what to do if something like this happened in our neighborhood--

I was recently reading an interview of an author who wrote about 'backwoods' poverty--

and how just trying to stay alive becomes the main focus of life--

we are watching, but what good does that do?

Trying to be self-reliant, but what good does that do if huge machinations come rolling in?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The police forces

of LA and MS were wholly owned by BP after the spill. If you wanted to go on the beach and report on the spill, you were harassed off. If you mentioned BP to a Dr., you were shown the door.

Kindra Arnesen in 2011:

More testimonials:

Would be warlords, or good ole boys ala bigmikedude? Identical boats with machine gun mounts are good ole boys?

What scares me or makes me

What scares me or makes me most upset is not fighting the "Rothchilds" but fighting are own.

sitting ducks

for a average shooter with a good site. Looks like a suicide mission for whomever is stoopid enough to go floating down the river in one of them there boats. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Yep, das a bunch a coullions right der!

as Troy would say, "chute 'em!"

They must not be locals. Locals aren't that stupid.


Glad you think the way you do. There is hope.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."
Thomas Jefferson

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

"Enemy at the Gates" Trailer

Brutally honest quote!

Thanks for sharing

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Time for a coonass uprising to drive the terrorists out!


"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Next time...

pull up along side and ask them, WTF. At very least see if they speak English.

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

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That's what I was sayin'. . .



Which one is John Kerry?

Kind of weird and at least very friggin rude

I live and have been raised app. 20 miles west of Eden Isles(Slidell,La.) They are in a network of access canals that are ONLY used by the residents of Eden Isles, which is a neighborhood, to enter Lake Pontchartrain. They aren't through-canals. It's sort of like tanks (etc.), rolling through the neighborhood streets of a gated community. If they came out of the pearl river then they would of came a pretty decent click from the east. There is PLENTY of playground that these boys could of used in-between. I just think they were showing off. Not sure what they'd be training for, maybe on the look out for terrorists baking apple pies.

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Aaaaa.. That's just a routine bayou boys

crawdad and alligator fishing expedition. A Cadillac Shrimp Attack.

Rednecks might drive two half a cars welded together with duct taped air conditioners in the rear window and an old lawnmower wheel welded onto one hub, but they spare no expense and outspend the military when it comes to the ultimate hunting and fishing gear.

And you know they're locals. They know the law so well, even the beer coolers were camouflage.

just a group of Foreign Small craft school running the rivers.



NAVSCIATTS traces its history to the U.S. Coast Guard Mobile Training Team (MTT) sent to the Panama Canal Zone as a result of agreements made during the Alliance for Progress Conference in San José, Costa Rica in 1961. During this initial deployment, the need for a permanent training facility was recognized and the U.S. Coast Guard based the Small Craft Inspection and Training Team (SCIATT) at the U.S. Naval Station, Rodman, Panama in May 1963. Operation of the team was transferred to the U.S. Navy in June 1969 and it was re-designated as the Small Craft Instruction and Technical Team. As a result of increased training demands, NAVSCIATTS was officially established as a Naval shore activity in October 1982 and formally established as a Naval shore command in July 1983.

The closure of U.S. based facilities in the Republic of Panama (Torrijos-Carter Treaties) has resulted in the relocation of NAVSCIATTS to the John C. Stennis Space Center in the state of Mississippi. Possessing some of the finest riverine and coastal training areas in the world, John C. Stennis Space Center provides an ideal training area for NAVSCIATTS. The Pearl River (Mississippi-Louisiana) runs through Stennis Space Center.


People call police to report individuals with video cameras lawfully open carrying, but don't call to report this kind of activity...

Probably because people in those parts don't have a problem with

open carry!

People who live on bayous would just as soon turn someone into gator bait who threatened to take their guns as look at them.

People around here don't freak out when they see a gun. They've seen them their whole lives.

This isn't New York City or San Fran.


After a currency crash, a country will repudiate its debt claiming sovereignty. It is at this time that the creditor nations declare war on the belligerent ones.

A slave you have become, a slave you are, a slave you will be.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

I didn't see anything.


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Uh oh

you must have drank some kool-aid are you feeling ok?

Looks like SEALs

Too bad the video doesn't have another pixel. It looks like there are mini guns mounted on the front and .50 cal on the back. They look like SEAL teams. http://youtu.be/1_JunAtzHms

Probably a training exercise...or maybe they figured out who stole those 63 AR15s the other day.

I noticed the guns and assumed a training mission.

Training must have been for tactics to be used elsewhere because they were undermanned, undergunned and were in a poor defensive position for that area.

They've Been Training Near There for Years

For all anyone knows they were going to someone's house for a barbecue.
The training facility is only a few miles away. At least they were observant of the NO WAKE zone. Whatever, it's a cool vid. I would love to see those boats...or better yet, own one, but I couldn't afford to keep the guns fed. LOL

Don't bother me!

Honey Boo Boo is on!

I just meant I didn't see anything unusual...

as a resident of an occupied nation this video appeared quite normal...

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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