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Both Of John Boehner's Primary Challengers Have Been Taking Questions On Daily Paul.

I made this thread over a month ago, since that time Both of these gentlemen have found this thread, joined the DP. And have answered some questions in the comments below.

Come on Ohio, take the RINO down! You can do it!

The race for Ohio’s 8th district seat — now held by House Speaker John Boehner — is getting downright crowded. So far, three candidates have declared they will challenge the West Chester Republican and 12-term congressman.


Here are their sites:

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I am Eric Gurr and here to answer questions.

Signed up because I saw a few had questions. I'm more than happy to answer anything you have.

Thank you for answering questions

I visited your site a few days ago and read the issues page. I must say that I agree with much of the positions posted.

Could you please elaborate on your position for monetary policy because:

1) Your site makes it seem as though you feel that it is possible for a small group of people to know exactly how many USDs should be in circulation at any given time, we just need the right people making those decisions for us.

2) Your short summary on the issue seems to ignore the reasons that money is misallocated to certain asset classes resulting in bubbles in the first place.

I guess I'm not alone

I am originally from Ohio and

I am originally from Ohio and live very close and speak frequently to friends and family back home.

What are your views on the following?

1.) Ending the Fed and lowering taxes.
2.) Arrest and detention of American citizens without warrant.
3.) Drone strikes without declaration of war
4.) A "no balanced budget-no pay" amendment.
5.) Build up of homeland security and NSA.

Please describe what you would do with these items.

Thank you for taking the time.

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1.) Ending the Fed and

1.) Ending the Fed and lowering taxes.
End the Fed immediately. Replace with Price Level/Productivity metric and slowly work back to the Gold standard.
2.) Arrest and detention of American citizens without warrant.
Unconstitutional. It is a suspension of Habeas Corpus and clear violation of rule of law.
3.) Drone strikes without declaration of war
I'm against this. I understand the use in support of troops but that which makes war easy makes war common.
4.) A "no balanced budget-no pay" amendment.
Just a balanced budget amendment. No pay would indicate the opportunity for a loop hole.
5.) Build up of homeland security and NSA.
Better communication of defense and intelligence is a good idea. I don't think it required the creation of a new multi-billion dollar department that now infringes in our individual liberty.
The NSA should be used as necessary to spy on foreigners intending harm to our nation. It should not be used to spy on American citizens. Especially without a search warrant. It is a clear violation of "Secure in your papers and effects." of the Fourth Amendment.

It would be important to

It would be important to consider the integrity of the election itself in your list. If you are not aware already you should know about these issues in Ohio. Computerized voting and tabulation is one of the greatest dangers we face to representative government. This video of the Ohio testimony of Clinton Curtis is telling of the threats you face in the process beyond the issues. It is worth 12 minutes of your time.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.


What corporations are you hoping to get funding?

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I can't imagine any of them.

I can't imagine any of them. I don't believe in bailing out a corporation, I don't believe in corporate welfare. I think many of these big companies are working towards a Capitalist plutocracy. I am a free-market capitalist. That simply means we the people decide how much we are willing to pay for your product and whether or not we buy it.

My suggestion

I'd like to humbly suggest that you look up the corporations in your area and get support.

Ron Paul was a pig at the trough for his district.. the public and businesses want you to bring home the bacon from D.C.

It's great to win the hearts and minds of the people no doubt, but it's winning the hearts and minds of your local corporations and small businesses that's going to get you the funding you need.

My hat is off to you.. I'm proud of you and I am rooting for you From Mendocino CA.. where I am the GOP county committee treasurer and standing delegate. I love politics.

Don't neglect your local fraternal organizations.. showing up to a meeting, they can't endorse you, but you can win the hearts and minds and get funding from individuals who appreciate that you took the time to talk to them. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you for the reply.


There is a strong libertarian attitude developing in this country that realizes government maybe becoming more of the problem than the solution. The Republican party at the last convention, made it clear that the Ron Paul supporters were not welcome. It culminated when John Boehner read the pre-programmed teleprompter, "the ayes have it" when the vote was for rule changes that neutered the grass root activists. The treatment of Ron Paul by the establishment Republicans is well documented and consequentially the Republicans lost that election due to low turnout.

Could you please address this with your opinion and give us a reason to vote Republican after the abysmal treatment of Ron Paul and his supporters?

why would they have welcomed us?

The GOP is an arena. It's where we fight without fists.. and most of us were new.. I had never heard of a central committee.. I knew Robert's Rules of Order, but most don't.. this was a whole new thing.. and of course the GOP didn't say, "Well come on in Uncle Ronnie Wacko Birds, because we didn't eat lunch with him, ignored him, shunned him, insulted him and now we LOVE him for giving us YOU...

Come on.

I wasn't an establishment Republican. Now I am and there are hundreds more like me.. we are the future and the new face of the GOP. We are not afraid. We will not back down. We will not cry.. we will fight until we win.

I would assume they would have welcomed us if they thought it

was in their best interests to do so. They were so confident of a win they did not think our support was necessary. They did not listen when it was predicted, and you remember the posts, "they can't win without us" and they didn't win. I think they may have learned from the past, Rand Paul has more respect, many of Rons positions and predictions have come true. There is now a nationally recognized move toward more libertarian positions and it's divided the Republican party. You and the people with you are on the inside to guide the way, but if they pull the same shenanigans, we will have to reinforce the 2012 learning experience. The old expression, "not even a donkey bumps his head in the same place twice" may or may not apply to elephants. LOL


I think one of the things I appreciate the most about DP, is how it is a constant reminder of where I was politically. Three decades of political activism, but never with a major party.. so in many ways, I was clueless, and now I'm learning even more.

Corporations are US, GOP, Dems.. it's ALL corporate, or party, which is just another form or corporate.. more so.. as a treasurer, I answer to many representatives of the IRS state and county.. and I see clearly.. this all all insiders.. corporate business insiders.. of course they don't want us.. If we want in, then we have to fight to get in, and not lose the money.. it's a racket.

I do not believe Romney or McCain't had any intentions in winning, and that is why the GOP fought us so hard.. to the insider Democrats.. it was obvious the GOP was a shell of insiders with a few good folks like Ron Paul.

I know we learned.. win or lose, 2016 convention is going to be a LIBERTY convention. It's a really good group of people.. it's interesting because my committee is a liberty committee.. and we don't agree on everything, or everyone, but it's really good to see who is at the convention, who got a chair, who is running..

What we need to do now is start forming support businesses for campaigns.. promotrions, accounting, because the hard part right now is the establishment has these businesses, and they help each other.. well, they are so-so about helping us, because they are in it for the money.. they get six figures and there are no mistakes..

It's very hard for a candidate to get a campaign committee with professionals demanding twivce as much as the elected position.

Someone is going to be able to get the lightbulb on.. What I think would be cool is if DP, just for education political reality check.. had a little, DP Party.. and everyone learned how these things worked by watching.. writing the by-laws and forming a committee, electing officers, vetting candidates and issues, having speakers, having grassroots and virtually going to a convention.. a virtual political learning experience so people could actually understand how politics actually work. I think it would be a historical momemt if DP created a GOP virtual community party and did the work.. for real.. it could be fun.

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Protest votes can be

Protest votes can be important. But you must be practical and realize that it is in fact a protest vote. I believe the goal should be to change the Republican party and work within the two party system. As the Democrats move further and further to the progressive end of the spectrum it is necessary that the Republicans move more towards individual liberty and economic conservatism.
I like the two party system because it avoids coalition government which is always slow and inefficient. Ron Paul isn't the only guy who has gotten the shaft. Shweikert out of Arizona and Amash of Michigan both lost committee positions. This dividing of the party is hurting. we need to united under more conservatives and fix the money and the economy, start following the Constitution to the letter of the law and do that within the framework of the GOP.

You're not going to agree with any politician 100% of the time. (Unless you are the politician!). I think it's best to affect faster change now within the system we have.

"But you must be practical and realize"

A protest vote is one based upon principle. As a Representative of Liberty and Conservative values, there should be no and, if or but about it. You mentioned Justin Amash, who has a 100% voting record. Are you implying that you will not meet or exceed his record, if elected?

The goal is to maximize the number of solid Reps who stand firm, NOT replace them with more panderers.

You just earned your very first down vote, courtesy of me :-P

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

The principle of losing

If you really intend to ACTUALIZE LIBERTY in the USA, Gurr is not wrong.

The principle is to do what it takes, and it takes political business machines pushing candidates and issues with campaigns, caucuses and committees through the GOP, off the floor, through the suits, and into offices and legislation.

Awesome thanks for joining!

Awesome thanks for joining!

Southern Agrarian


What is your history/background in politics? If you happen to win, what do you intend to accomplish, and how? Do you have friends and/or relatives in political positions?

What are your thoughts about J.D. Winteregg? Where do you align and where do you differ? Etc.

Where are your contributions specifically coming from? Please provide a source/link.

Please write a book for your reply, I will read it. I may then follow up with more questions.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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I have never run for office

I have never run for office before. I started and have run a small business for twenty years and that and rasing a family have been the focus of my life.
I intend to accomplish a few things. I would like our congress to return to a body of citizen legislators. We should server no more than 3 or 4 terms in congress and 2 terms in the House and then go home.
I intend to push hard for a balanced budget amendment and spending cuts. The Federal government should not spend more than 15% of GDP, and that is a very high level but with Social Security and Medicare I see no logical way to spend less over the next 30 years. That would result in spending cuts of over 20% from current levels. This is not as shocking as one would think at first glance. we will spend nearly 3.8 trillion next year Cutting two hundred billion per year for three or four years should be easy.
I also will work hard to move the focus of government back to its intended role of protecting individual liberties. It is more than just important to the individual. A man cannot find happiness in his life unless he is free. This is the important bond that defines us as a nation. Without this common goal of individual freedom the Democrats strategy to divide us by race, religion or any other criteria they come up with will end in disaster. It is not healthy for the nation for us to hate each other because of some arbitrary label. One of the things I love about this site is the tag line. Peace, Gold and Love. All three are equally important to our long term happiness.

I also believe it is a primary responsibility to protect the value of money. I am in favor of taking the power away from the Federal Reserve Bank and returning it to congress. I believe it should be codified in law that the supply of money cannot be arbitrarily raised. I am not in favor of a return to the Gold Standard at this point. It would be drastically deflationary and cause the economy to collapse. (In my opinion). I would rather see a measured approach as suggested by Friedman. However, I think the growth in money supply should not be tied to the price level but rather a mix of price level and productivity and efficiency. This would still be inflationary but at a much smaller level. The natural course of healthy economy is deflation. As technology increases efficiency prices must naturally fall.
Over time we need a long term plan to return to the gold standard.

J.D. Winteregg is a very nice man and I respect him. I wish he had some experience in the private sector and I wish he would take more positions on issues. I know that he is not in favor of getting rid of the Federal Reserve and on this we very much disagree.

I am a principled conservative and liberty minded Republican. That does not mean I am a purist Libertarian. Some of the Libertarian party members have been critical of me because I support crop insurance for farmers and I am not in favor of getting rid of social security. I am in favor of crop insurance because I believe pragmatically you cannot destroy a program over night that farmers have helped fund and rely on. The same is true of Social Security. Millions have paid into the program for decades and rely on it for income to survive. It would be unethical and immoral to simply stop the program. Letting younger people divert some of their S.S. taxes to a private fund is a step in the right direction but liquidity must be maintained during the transition period. Not an easy issue. That said we must be honest and fix Social Security. The best way to do that is to lower taxes on capital, lower regulation and grow the economy.

My contributions currently are coming only from individuals across the country. I have received not one dollar from a political action committee. I would like to have endorsements and help from some of the conservative PACs. But as I am beginning to understand that can be a slow process. I have contacted some of them and offered to fly to them on my own dollar for a vetting process. I think as I get more name recognition that will come.

I do not believe John Boehner is an evil man. I just think that he has been in congress far too long and become detached from his base and resigned to negotiate with those who do not have the best interests of the nation in mind. No nation can forever consume more than it produces. All debts are reckoned. Either we must fix the problem or a solution will be thrust upon us. That solution has historically been a collapse of the currency and a collapse in the economy. These collapses have real and terrible affects on the lives of every citizen.

Thank you for responding.

Please check this site often, I and others may have other questions for you.

Ohio currently is not a chartered RLC affiliate (rlc.org). However, please contact headquarters, they may possibly be able to assist: 866-752-5423. I will also be in touch with them.

fyi: I have invited J.D. to participate on this forum. It is up to him whether he participates or not.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Should we bring some or all

Should we bring some or all of our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan? If so which country's, if any, should we keep a presence in?

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Bring them home. We don't

Bring them home. We don't have an endless bucket of money to "stabilize" every nation. I have no problem with the proper use of force to protect our vital interests and repel an imminent threat. Nation building is not our responsibility. A nation must build itself and secure its own liberty. We cannot do it for them.

That said. It's a terrible idea to telegraph when you're going to pull the troops. You let the enemy think you'll be there forever and then leave quickly and unexpectedly.

How is your campaign going?

How is your campaign going? thanks for challenging John Boehner.

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Campaign is going very well.

I've hit the point where I am raising more money every day than I am spending. It takes a boat load of money just to get the word out. I must say the mentions on dailypaul.com generate more donations than just about anything but redstate.com.

On your website, you state

On your website, you state that: "Without a doubt the
situation in Syria is the biggest imminent threat to
American security and prosperity. Bumbling haphazardly
into war is never advisable. A world awash in debt
and rhetoric is a world where a regional conflict could
quickly devolve into a world war and collapse of trade."

Clearly you are worried about war, but are you saying you
see Syria as some sort of threat? I was slightly confused
as to what you are trying to say there.

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Syria isn't a threat, war is.

What I mean is that we should stay out of it. The threat isn't from Syria the threat is from spending a bunch of money we don't have and risking a wider war. We should try to adhere to the principles of the Treaty of Westphalia and stay out of other nations internal affairs and conflicts. I know some think we need to flex our muscle, I don't. We are a strong nation with a strong military. That's great, but we don't need to go around flexing our biceps.

Well said. A lot of us were

Well said. A lot of us were confused by your wording, you might want to edit your site. Thanks for the answer.

Do you have a lot of local support?

Do you think most people in the district know that you are running?

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I'm getting there

Not as much as I'd like but it is growing. I try to give as many speeches as I can and meet with groups. I've been on the radio three or four times already and that gives me a little boost. I'm trying to get some national exposure to raise money to compete with Boehner's big money guys. Starting in January I'm going to up my local spending.
The good news is that here in SouthWest Ohio the Libertarians and Conservatives are working well together. We accept the differences and work within that framework.
I'm a strict law and order Constitution guy. That can hurt and help. I'm in favor of states deciding whether or not to legalize marijuana. Some folks see that as being pro drug. I think that it should be left up to the states just like the Constitution says. Strong supporter of the tenth amendment and it goes both ways right?

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No,the top vote getter wins.

No,the top vote getter wins. If there is a crowded field it becomes much tougher to defeat Boehner.