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President Ronald Reagan Humor

President Ronald Reagan Humor

You will LOVE this one! Be sure to watch to the end!


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Great fine Earl

thanks for posting. It was good and yeah the end said it all about the phony in chief!

Ron Paul is My President

Sunny, I Really Miss The Gipper!

I can see why Ron Paul busted his you know what to get him elected in 1980..Reagan was special. When he passed on I was overcome with grief. That was the effect he had on me. Ron Paul has that effect on me as well. Would't that have been great Ron Paul in the white House with Ronald Reagan...WOW!!

Reagan was a real Christian gentleman..Ronald Reagan never entered the 'Oval Office' without his coat off. Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan. They broke the mold when they were born. What an impact they both have made...OUTSTANDING!

On the other hand, Bill Clinton never entered the 'Oval Office' with his pants on..

Just a little slight there..

Thanks for posting my friend...


I miss him.

He was also my first President I voted for, after the failure that was Jimmy Carter . I visited the Reagan Library. I cried at his grave. He was not perfect and later wrote in his memoirs the mistake of getting involved in Lebanon.

Thanks for posting, emalvini.

Thanks for posting, emalvini. The ending was perfect. I can't believe Obama stumbled like that, never saw it before.

I loved Ronald Reagan as a kid. He was my president and America was super cool. No wars (that we knew of), just Star Wars, long hair, Atari, and great music played on mom and dad's record albums.

I could not help but notice George Bush in the background. Body language says a lot, doesn't it? He looked...uncomfortable.

After Reagan got shot, he became nothing but a figurehead. Reagan knew it, but he still did his best to put on a good show and at least he made America look respectable.

"The government would never use hired actors to stage an event."

Reagan was a hired actor, but he didn't know that was his role until he got shot.

Reagan helped stage the, "Fall of Communism."

As we all know today, it was complete Bolshevik.

Reagan tried to warn us, got shot, and was used as a political pawn to help make the world think communism was dead.

Mao, Trotsky, Lenin, and Stalin are all rofling in their graves today.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

The Ending Was Freaking Embarrassing - RMFAO

Obama is such an embarrassment...What is really amazing to me is that Obama, a hopelessly wicked man could get elected twice. Only a wicked or totally uninformed electorate could have allowed this to happen.

I figure about a 1/3 of all americas are completely wicked.. 1/3 are gutless wimps, too afraid to speak up for their rights. lastly, 1/3 fully informed, awake and insightful..

"My people parish for lack of knowledge (Insight)


was the master. Sure do miss him....was the first vote I vote I ever cast. Ronny in 1980.

What's amazing is that Reagan succeeded in cutting marginal tax rates from 56% to 28% even when democrats controlled both houses of congress. The master communicator.

Gilligan's picture

A great man.


Google is government.

bump for good humor