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Sen. Paul to hold up Yellen Federal Reserve nomination

Rand Paul was smart to stand back from the government shut down. It was a bunch of drama that would accomplish very little. I think in the long run it will hurt Ted Cruz who made his stand on the government shut down in an attempt to stop funding for the Affordable Care Act, which he did not accomplish. Rand Paul has a different more productive plan. Why tinker with the beast when you can go for the Achilles heel? That heel is the Federal Reserve, where the loose monetary policy enables the corruption of our markets and the funding of an unconstitutional government.

Obama has nominated a new Fed chair Janet Yellen, and at the Senate consideration of the nomination Sen. Paul plans to ask for a vote on his full audit the Fed bill, which is similar to the one his father Rep. Ron Paul championed for years.

“As part of Senate consideration of the Janet Yellen nomination to be Chair of the Federal Reserve, I will request a vote on my bipartisan Federal Reserve Transparency Act, S. 209. The American people deserve transparency from the federal reserve and the federal government as a whole,” Paul said in a statement following the reports.

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