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Get Ready For HillBarry Clinton

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Will America get fooled again?

How has letting the wife wear the pants worked out lately, America?

Got Divorce?

Men, where are you? Where's Al Bundy when you need him most?

The democratic presidential front runner is a foregone conclusion.

I have heard many conservatives call her, "Hitlery," or "Killery," but please refrain from using those words that will only turn off female voters.

"HillBillery," is another one to stay away from. They'll call us racist.

HillBarry Clinton connects because when people hear Barry they think Soetoro, errr...I meant Obama.

HillBarry should be grilled over Benghazi now, not later when it's convenient. Will Benghazigate be her downfall?

I say no, it will probably be used to her advantage. Any, "stunning revelations," about Benghazi in the middle of a presidential campaign is going to backfire and turn people off. People will ask, "Why didn't you say this 3 years ago?"

Female voters outnumbered male voters in the 2012 presidential election. HillBarry is only going to make things worse for the GOP in 2016 if American men do not tap in to their inner Al Bundy, not Ted.


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