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News Anchor Completely Loses It For The Best Possible Reason

Forgive me if this was already posted, but this is a great post by Sherry Peel Jackson:


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well at least he understands there is a problem...

his remedy is quite disturbing. "We need a new Teddy Roosevelt" Yikes!

Agree with BSDetector

Dylan is totally right about how urgent the situation is, but you don't want your Pres to become a dictator overnight! You can not assume that he, or Congress, or anyone for that matter is a 'good' guy and give them that much power. You have to decentralize banking (this is all about the FED), bring back the gold standard, shrink the government, enforce the borders, respect the Constitution.
If you can't print the money, you will bring back 'responsibility at all levels: from an individual to the gvt', you will allow for debt cycle to reverse, you will engage an aggregate intelect and capabilities of the public through the free enterprise to pull you out of the economic slump.
Remember Ron Paul's mantra: the government's role is to make sure that each of us honor the contracts we made among us, not to alter the contracts!
To achieve all this, you need an informed, engaged public.

Wrong Dylan

We don't owe $70 trillion....we did not create the derivatives fraud....no Obama doesn't need to be a dictator....no government programs are not the answer.

I agree except

The $70T is an accurate figure of unfunded liabilities, promises which will eventually need to be broken in a restructuring. If the Federal government was held to the same standards that corporations are, people would go to prison.

I feel bad

For all those people who were conned by politicians promising them a golden parachute, but not enough to submit me and my children to slavery. I didn't sign on as the debtor, you didn't sign on as the debtor and our unborn children certainly didn't sign on as the debtor. We simply cannot allow continual theft to go on to pay for political promises of the past. At some point, the Ponzi scheme folds and that time is now! They aren't going to honor your pension and other goodies anyway...get real.

I know I will have to work well into old age because the social security will be gone and my 401k will get crushed long before then. I don't expect that the government will take care of me because they will not. They will eventually take it all once they have total dominance, so fighting to keep the corrupt system alive makes zero sense.
Our best shot at retirement and living a good life is tearing down the centralized system like yesterday and going back to the constitutional republic that gave us prosperity in the first place, not stripping the guts out of the nearly extinct middle class. And for the commies, it would be the closest thing to a dictatorship of the common man than anything else. Socialism always leads to a merger of state and corporate power and ultimately fascist oligarchy and slavery for 99.9999999%


You have really high hopes, my friend.

The wealthiest of the wealthy will have and keep. The rest... well, 'nough said.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I hope for restructuring.

I take Ron Paul's stop the wars, stop the war on drugs and eliminate 5 fed govt departments and combine it with Gary Johnson's cut 43% of all of fed govt and balance the budget now. I also want to see a drastic cut back of SS and Medicare along with Medicaid and Food Stamps.

You're right. I have high hopes for a restructuring, but the alternative is something I've prepared for but so many of the sheep have not.

Sherry must be an idiot.

I am all for posting old classics, but to post them to her blog with a comment that tells you she thinks this is new makes her naive and too lazy to vet when and where.

She is just regurgitating popular videos for clicks. No thought. No research.

That makes me sad.

His solution?

Let's see, the only solution he offers is....2% interest from a government run bank for infrastructure projects.

This is not free market.

While he may be right about the motives of the bankers, he is naïve about the motives of the government.

im about to lose it

Yeah, lets let the president usurp more power and nationalize banking. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

This place jumped the shark awhile ago

the easiest way to get something done isnt to change the behavior; its to change the meaning of existing behavior. like a cut isnt a cut, torture isnt torture, its enhanced interrogation. war isnt war, its kinetic military action. declaring war now appare

This video is soo old...

This video is soo old...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

You guys converted Glenn Beck!

Some of you hate Beck, I know, but please listen.

You guys are winning. Ron Paul is winning. Let go of your resentment and your desire to be different and accept the fact that your ideas are being heard. You have changed a political movement. You are changing a political party. You were the last line of defense and you are now the first offense on behalf of liberty. Take the reins and join forces with others to help us rediscover our country.

You converted me two years ago. You converted Glenn Beck and he has a huge microphone. Listen to talk radio. All of them are beginning to sound like Ron Paul. Look at the Republican Party. The good guys are our guys. The bad guys have exposed themselves.

Glenn opened his show yesterday with the stirring Charlie Chaplin Great Dictator speech that some of you have used in Ron Paul advertising. Then he gave a powerful monologue that had me cheering in my car. First goose bumps from Chaplin, then a call to action to participate in the restoration of our country. I suppose I am old and sentimental but this made my day. Perhaps there is hope.

You guys are winning. Keep winning.


Great video but take note

Great video but take note this is a re-upload, i saw this over a year ago.

As much as I despise the Fed

As much as I despise the Fed and their member banks and believe they should be disbanded and the treasury issue the currency, did this idiot just say we should nationalize the banks???? Gee I wonder how well your online banking software will work then. "Ikerumba?!?!?!" facepalm

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

SteveO24's picture

Dylan is upset!

WOW is he that dumb!! STOP being a Socialist! Moron!

We need the next greatest

We need the next greatest depression to make the last great depression look like a picnic.

Hospital bills will drop 75 to 90%. Healthcare will be affordable again.

Jobs will be plenty when the rest of the world cuts us off and we have to make TVs, computers, and cell phones in the US.

Everything will be affordable when prices for everything drops 75 to 90%.

We won't have money to spend on Israel's was anymore. Win Win for most everyone.

I didn't sign on to $70 trillion

Did you?

At least he's calling our the banks and not just the strawman Koch Brothers. I like Ron Paul's take on it way better. Basically Ron says why do we have to pay them back, they're nobody!!
I also don't think that giving Obama dictatorial power when he's the bank puppet.. Don't these idiots understand that? Obama has a huge bromance with Jamie Dimon!

This (attitude) needs to go viral!

This is the kind of outrage that should be being expressed in every single media outlet and around America today! I feel his frustration BIG TIME!

It's going to at some point.

The media has brainwashed people for decades with toys and cheap money.

My prayers have been answered somewhat that a growing number of people are beginning to understand the corruption in our financial system.

Clips like this need to be preserved and spread.

PS -- God Bless Sherry, she endured a great deal while in prison, and came back stronger.

How do you take money out of

How do you take money out of politics? Besides eliminating all forms of free speech except for standing and shouting out your window, there's going to be money in politics.

By exposing the system.

And walking away from it every way possible. You can't solve a problem using the same thinking that created it.

That sounds nice, but the

That sounds nice, but the system is already exposed. Or more accurately, it's exposed enough. Talk to pretty much anyone, of any political persuasion, and they will tell you that money corrupts these politicians, and that politicians are beholden to the interests that pay for them. The widespread nature of this knowledge does not seem to have affected things.

Dylan Ratigan

is a balanced budget, progressive tax, socialist.

This clip is getting new

life in replay. I love Sherry Peel Jackson. "Show me the law!"

6:04 for the impatient. RP, lady in red, Sherry Peel Jackson..

and it deserves one too!

it would be nice if we had a section reserved for just such classics.
I think I heard Dylan went "native"