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Libertarians can put together millions for politics, how about thousands for private endeavours?

I know that 2012 and 2008 were exciting times. I dropped thousands helping organize and contribute. However, if the Libertarian community can put together millions for government campaigns, why aren't we even more prone to throw down for private endeavours?

Someone just posted about buying property to start a Liberty Community. Why aren't we regularly able to do this? Should the "Liberty Movement" have communities in every State?

Shouldn't we have funded Ron Paulers in buying up farms to keep them organic and turn them into permanent food forests?

Ben Swann was able to raise a lot for an independent media company. Why don't we have more? Why don't we have a production company?

A video game company making fun games that actually teach people how to live for themselves? That builds tool that help us educate the world and free them from poverty without spending a dime through government? Aren't we libertarians?

Should we have a section on here with members crowd-sourcing projects? Shouldn't that be something we regularly give $1, $2, $5 to? Like our money-bombs. That's how we are effective.

I put up a $1 Occupy perk on my indiegogo project (a libertarian environmentalist documentary that'd include a hopeful interview with Rand Paul on Hemp, I'm thinking I can get it with my background and connections). It says if 20,000 occupiers cover the cost of the film through $1 contributions I'll make it "An Occupy Production."

So, I'm going to put up a $2 perk, and have 10,000 available. If the Liberty Movement funds this project, I'll make it "A Liberty Production" or something similar (I might actually have to form a production company, I'm thinking it's a film, I can put what I want, you are the production company for now).

Occupy hasn't done anything (I put it up in response to someone on the forum: http://occupywallst.org/forum/how-to-save-the-rainforest-an-...).

And if this guy puts up a fund-raiser for his Liberty Community, by golly, if we could raise $19 Million, that'd be amazing.

Think about though, GTA5 made $1 Billion in 3 days. We just got to want it and we'll make it.

That is "the Secret."

We are all free and powerful, we can just be self-centered, it's our reptilian brain, the fight-or-flight. Only useful when actually in danger.

Instead you just got to tap that frontal lobe. Tap the empathy and higher reason. It'll lead to other people, and helping them. And it has even been proving that material gain does not make us happy, it is exercising our ability to help others.

So don't worry, be happy. Love people, not money. Love helping, not hording.

And every little thing is going to be alright.

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Liberty projects ARE being

Liberty projects ARE being funded. For example:


You just have to do a better job of selling your idea. Put some planning effort into it. Convince potential backers that you're competent to do what you are proposing.

Sell your idea and yourself, man, rather than bitching that nobody will just send you money!

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

The libertarian boom

Only happened a few years ago. Suddenly there's a crapload of libertarians and this huge internet community after Ron Paul (among others) helped wake so many up. But I think you're correct as far as what the next step should be. Organize off the web, and build communities. Work in the real world. I think it hasn't happened yet since most people are 5 or less years into this movement. But I do hope to start seeing more physical communities sprouting up in the near future, along with libertarian-owned business ventures.