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My Interest Is Noise

Witnessing The 2012 Republican National Convention left a bad taste in my mouth. Since then, (feeling motivated to do good) I've painstakingly put all of my energy into an idea which has recently turned into reality. After building a team of amazing developers and designers who believed in the concept, we finally launched the beta over the summer.

Currently, our website is a place where talented individuals (musicians, vocal-artists, audio engineers, etc.) can post resumés and connect with other artists from around the world. Also, people looking for talent can submit job opportunities and hire artists for their projects. The site consists of members from more than 150 cities in 50 countries, speaking over 35 languages. Included are Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winners and nominees (WOW!).

The objective for the site is to create a genuine virtual workplace so anybody can be paid to work for anyone, no matter their physical location. It'll be completed and functioning after we've secured funding from an interested angel investor or accelerator (fingers-crossed). Speaking of, there is a wonderful site for startups I highly recommend called AngelList (angel.co) that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to gain access to potential candidates and investors, and has a beautiful platform that helps facilitate information about companies. It's definitely beneficial and puts you and your business on the right path.

My background is in audio post-production, but let me explain how I got here. I grew up fast, moving from state to state, making friends, upon new friends, upon newer friends. When I was in high-school I played football, ran track, and was an average student. But in my free time, all I did was make music, every single day. DAW's (digital audio workstations) made it easy to create instrumentals and record vocals, so I was in heaven.

After receiving my high-school diploma, I got a football scholarship at a D-2 university, but continued to work on music in my dorm room until I made the ultimate decision to switch colleges and go all the way with audio. Flying out to Los Angeles after graduating with a recording arts degree was the obvious move, and I did it in a heartbeat. I began working at a post-facility as a sound designer when I was 20.

Fast-forward to today and a lot has changed. RP entered as a presidential contender twice since I moved out to L.A. and I've missed every one of his appearances on Leno, AND the awesome rally with 10,000 supporters at UCLA. Trust me, I know I screwed up. But, I was one of the many who donated on that faithful day that changed everything - November 5th in 2007. Remember, Remember the 5th of November! So I was excited about that. The DailyPaul has been my go to site for news since those days.

I wanted to share my experience with the DP because I greatly respect all (well, most) of you and would love your feedback, yet I've been holding back for quite some time, for various reasons. I can say for a fact that I'm not the best writer or orator on the planet, but what I can tell you is that if you believe in something, and will do whatever you can to achieve your goal, without giving up, it will simply transpire. Although the goal hasn't been reached in our case, it's safe to say that we are in the midst of it all, right now. I cannot explain how unbelievable it really is, but maybe Neville Goddard, Alan Watts, or The Tao Te Ching can give you the pertinent words.

Being the long journey I expected, this is a community I can see myself taking part in for years and years to come (Mike Nystrom probably could relate to this). There is a deep-seated excitement when trying new things, and having them grow. In my own way, my explanation for this feeling can be summed like this: A yearning to invent a new rhythm or rhyme. An eagerness to record that song on a whim. The passion to write symphonies and conduct orchestras. All come from the same place. From within. Within us. Within you.

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Nice work and thanks for sharing, Notslla Ω™

It sounds like you have learned a lot along the way. Cool that you were a part of the Nov 5, 2007, moneybom. I wish I was...but I am glad I was a small part of RP2012.

Neat that you are able to include/share your passion for music. As a longtime violinist, I've been enjoying learning new things on my electric violin lately.

Would your site work for someone who...

...is looking for musicians to potentially start a band with? I clicked on "musician" and searched for "New York" but I got the error below. I think there is a need for a good website for people looking for others to either collaborate or start a band with (in person, not just through the internet).

When I tried accessing the page below, I got error "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/noizemakerz/onoise.com/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1548"


Anything and everything audio applies.

As far as the error message goes, we know. This is why the appropriate funding is so important. The site will be completely revamped - for good reasons.

We are only a few months out since we launched (bootstrapped), so allow us a little time to spruce things up. ;)

Amazing. I have just recently started scouting avenues...

for recording harmonica tracks for bands in different states or countries via the internet.

I've played the diatonic for 15 years now this summer, and studied it seriously in terms of music theory for about 4. I've always been comfortable on stage but since it was the only instrument I knew, and I don't sing, it was hard to justify my presence there outside of the 2-4 songs in any average set that would have a harp part.

So I bought an acoustic guitar 3 years ago and started learning rhythm g. Now I'm looking more toward bass for the live-show/open jam scene. But otherwise the harmonica is tricky because unless you're the Ozark Mountain Daredevils you can't use it in every song. I like to say if there's a tuba part, there's a harmonica part.

Anyhoo, your site looks like what I'd need to do a track or three remotely for someone who is looking for a harp part or doesn't even know they are yet. Just a sample of a song is enough to tell if there is room or need for a part so I can't wait to hear them!

Are a lot of your users on www.soundcloud.com ?

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Very cool...


Onwards with Liberty!

Keep your eye on the prize! - Ending legal tender laws in order for the Federal Reserve System to self-destruct is of the upmost importance.
What in the World are They Spraying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

Inspiration to manifestation!

Great idea, man! BEST of success with it and bringing people together!

"We Are All _ _ _!"

PEACE Brother!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Thank You Freedom

Ninja and everyone for your motivating and kind words. I'll be sure to keep moving and keep you updated. :)

You are very welcome!

Any new music on the way? Could always use more "Truth in musical form". Have you guys reached out to Abby Martin? She has musical guest on her show now.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


reached out to her last night (for my brother). Thanks for letting me know!

There is about an albums worth of new material laying around. I'm sure we'll get to creating Truth 2 soon...


On all fronts!

All the best to you and your bro! Keep it comin!!!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

A big bump for your success

+1 Great idea. You basic concept could probably be expanded into others areas of interest.


What a great way to help preserve culture! I applaud every effort made to keep real musicianship and culture alive. Than you for your efforts and I hope it is successful for you and the artists involved! I wish something like this had been around when I was starting my music career years ago!

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."


sometimes I find it hard to think I can achieve my pursuits alot of times wondering if it is in vain due to total collapse or total takeover. I bounce both ways, sometimes I feel like we may still have time left, and others due to my religious beliefs wonder if the Second Coming is right around the corner. I guess either way would not be so bad. I think it is great to hold onto hope so we can all still live our lives to the fullest. It can wear on the brain when you get awakened, as we awaken we start to have to question every motive and every move around us in the political arena, and business arena, etc.. Rock on with your music, I can't wait to hear some of your stuff. What site online do you feel is a user friendly easy site to compose music that has built in synthesizer or sounds for someone just starting to compose their own music? I would be interested in trying to compose some music for fun. Good luck and look forward to your advice.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Little Hands Transcending ...

Full of Noises

Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises,
Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again; and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open, and show riches
Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked,
I cried to dream again.

The Tempest 3.2.148-156,
William Shakespeare

Thank you for your beautiful, energized sharing of your dream and awakening.