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Holy Cow! Healthcare costs 10% of what they charge us! Fraud! Time for transparency!

The U.S. healthcare industry regularly charges 10 times more than a service or product costs...even though they never expect to get paid that much. How does it happen? By selling the lie that medicine is expensive and getting more so, which then justifies the constant increases in insurance rates. It's a game of misinformation and fear-mongering, supported by outrageous medical bills, that makes us hand over huge and ever-growing premiums to the insurance companies.
See this doctor's expose:


The healthcare system is broken. More insurance is NOT the answer. Transparency IS the answer. We need to get off this medical/insurance merry-go-round and go back to paying for our doctors the way we pay for our plumbers.

Edit: Here's how it is being done at a private surgury clinic:
Now it would be great to see what other hospitals charge.

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Notice how medical insurance is different than property insuranc

What product do you buy that you don't know what it costs before you buy it?
What product do you buy with a card that your employer pays for?

If you had a debit card, that you did not pay for, plus you considered it a job benefit that you could use for your housing, food, transportation, entertainment, clothing, utilities, etc, would you spend more or less on those items?

Phil Graham summed it up a few years ago, he said, "If I had a free plastic card that paid for my groceries, I would eat better and so would my dogs"

The problem is pricing, the people using the service don't know or care what the cost is, the people delivering the product don't know or care what the price is. The people paying for the product have very few, if any alternatives but to buy from the insurance cartel.

So what could possibly go wrong?

massive jobs program

The healthcare industry is a massive jobs program that needs a lot of sick people and exorbitant costs to keep it humming. Medicare, Tricare, and Medicaid are routinely exploited for cash. The only way to control costs is to allow consumers to purchase products and services with real cash on the real market. Get rid of the middle men.

When a plumber fails to fully

When a plumber fails to fully repair a house's faulty plumbing, the house can't sue the plumber for malpractice.

Frankly, I'd hate to be a doctor. They are expected to be magicians, psychologists and have a mechanic's ability to simply "fix" whatever breaks, fails or bedevils us.

Poor analogy

Did you watch the video? This is dealt with. Malpractice insurance is NOT an oppressive expense for a doctor. I pay more for my cars, house, and boat insurance than a GP does for malpractice.

Also, the OWNER of the house CAN sue for shoddy plumbing work.

Lab costs

I've noticed the "allowed" amount for lab work is exactly 10% of the billed amount. When I had a dental biopsy, the bill was $110 and was refused by my insurance company. Knowing the fee would have been reduced to $11 if insurance hadn't denied the claim, I tried to negotiate with them - no luck. If the insurance company writes the check, the fee is $11 -- if the patient pays, the fee is $110.

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2-3 years ago one of my best

2-3 years ago one of my best friends had a kidney stone which required medical treatment. His hospital visit, which as far as I recall did not require an overnight stay, had a cost of $9800. He knew that was the exact cost because the hospital sent him the bill directly. He passed it along to the insurance company, which paid the bill, in full, for $650. They paid less than 7% of the original price.


I had a two day stay in the

I had a two day stay in the hospital to have a small heart stent installed. Price tag, $50,000+. That's the price of two new cars. It'll be nice when the greatest depression arrives so healthcare costs will be affordable again.

In 1988 when my last daughter was born

I reviewed the bill. An example would be the the cost of the plastic puke tub, water pitcher and cup. Total for the three was 200 dollars.

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Cost Pooling is the Cause

This happens because of cost pooling (instead of risk pooling) of employee insurance plans. End the tax benefits and mandates related to employee insurance, then the problem would eventually resolve itself.

that`s why I go down to old Mexico for medicines and doctor.

It`s about 10% of what it cost up here. And most pharmacies don`t ask for a prescription.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
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And you can get a

And you can get a prescription from the dentist if you need one. lol

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Spiders need drugs too.

That's a riot.

That's a riot.

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90% of current costs eliminated by being fully nourished.

Our zoo animals get better nutrition than americans.

90 nutrients are essential every day, just add air and water.

Free includes debt-free!

Big Phama has you by the

short and curlies!
It's not called OphamaCare for nothing.