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Neo Con Supporting Robert Sarvis Libertarian Party Candidate For Governor of Virginia?!

Well guys, it turns out that Jennifer Rubin, and George Will seem to prefer Libertarian Party Candidate Robert Sarvis, over Ron Paul endorsed Ken Cuccinelli. I Wonder why? Well for one thing Sarvis says: “I’m not into the whole Austrian type, strongly libertarian economics, I like more mainstream economics...."


This article makes some disturbing allegations against Mr Sarvis, regarding his views on Medicade, Obamacare, abortion, a vehicle-miles driven tax, and other things.


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The Big Picture

is being missed here. Sarivs has raised about 100k in fundraising. McAuliffe and Cuccinelli have 40 million between them, the lions share of that coming from McAuliffe. Regardless of how you feel about money in poltics it's a FACT OF LIFE right now. If a popular, well known candidate like Cuccinelli is having a hard time keeping up with the fundraising juggernaut that McAuliffe brings to the table (Bloomberg, The Clintons, etc) how do you expect Sarvis to even make a difference? There is a very good reason that Ron and Rand Paul have BOTH endorsed Cuccinelli. They know this is about 2016 and Hillary Clinton. Without Virginia there is no winning The White House. Hillary knows that which is why she has McAuliffe running here. Wake up! If we lose Virginia we lose a shot for Rand Paul in 2016.


its a Hilary fest if McAuliffe wins


Calling George Will a neo-con is nothing short of a farce to discredit Robert Sarvis. If you don't like Sarvis, that is fine, but these tactics are dishonest and a disservice to the liberty movement.


Don't Be Used

When someone endorses a candidate, sometimes they do it to hurt them.

When someone else attacks the endorsement, they may be scared of the competition.

The really good news is, the media are covering a Libertarian Party candidate, and the dominant-party candidate campaigns are using his name--even though they were too scared to debate him so that everyone could see what kind of person he is.

On the whole, this is very encouraging. LP membership and vote totals continue to rise.

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ha ha

you have to be kidding me, the likes of George Will and Jennifer Rubin endorsing the Libertarian is like Federal Reserve pushing for the Gold Standard again.

Nope, Sarvis has no chance at winning anything, only thing he is doing is bringing it home for McAuliffe.

Now if Sarvis wasn't a globalist open borders, anti Nationstate guy and it was him against just a Republican it might make sense to vote for him.

The bottom line is he won't win, his policies are mediocre Liberty at best and he will cause Hillary to have a leg up come 2016 in VA......

Why is Sarvis bragging?

Sarvis is Bragging on facebook about George Will.

Besides, LP candidates come in third all the time, just like Sarvis will, what would the point be?.

Did Ron Paul endorse Ken Cuccinelli in order to hurt him?

Bottom line, McAulliffe WILL destroy Gun Freedom in VA, if Sarvis wins, so be it, that would be a big deal. But if McAulliffe wins Virginia is dead.

If Ken Cuccinelli wins, he will be the best Gov. in the country probably, I see no better Governors.

Endorsments and support in Virginia:

For Ken Cuccinelli:

Ron Paul,
Gun Owners of America
Rand Paul

For Terry McAulliffe:

Michael Bloomberg (along with $1.1 Million from his Gun Control PAC)
Hillary Clinton
Planned Parenthod

For Robert Sarvis:

George Will
Jennifer Rubin
Gary Johnson (And No! I am NOT comparing Gov. Johnson with the others!)


to split the vote and send the democrat to the governorship. Easy to figure out.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

LOL Supreme NeoCon Jennifer Rubin endorses Sarvis

Ha ha ha...just shows you that NeoCons want NO part of Cuccinelli and would rather steer you towards Sarvis so McAuliffe, their real prize wins. Don't take the bait, when the NeoCons start pushing a NeoLibertarian you know something is up.

The race is now a dead heat, vote for who Ron Paul endorsed, vote Cuccinelli.


Also for reference:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

If you want to help Rand out

in 2016 in Virginia, you don't want former Clinton Campaign head winning the governorship so Hillary can steal Virginia.

The Libertarian Party is a waste and Distraction, I have been heavily involved in various third parties over the last 20+ years, total waste of energy, time and effort.....dumb.

The only way for a third party to win, is for 75+ house members, 10-15 Senators, several governors and thousands of state reps to break off of the Dems or Republicans all at once and form a new party, otherwise it's a complete waste of time.

Vote Cuccinelli, stop empowering the socialists via the third party hype.

I'm only on this to see who this disinfo agent is...

Thanks for id-ing yourself.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

annoying social conservatism article

Sarvis is not perfect, but his economic plan is way better than Cuccinelli's. Compare for yourself:



“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

sarvis is a globalist, open borders

anti-American trash

He will never win and only help Hillary in 2016 when Mcauliffe is governor

uh, this is a state race, buddy

I support open borders with Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina, just like Sarvis.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Evidence, Please

You made an accusation. Please provide data.

Are you saying he's not an isolationist?

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/