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The Key to Consciousness: Efficient Information Flow?

By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer | October 24, 2013 09:07am ET

The moment a person slips from conscious thought into unconsciousness has long been a mystery.

Now researchers have pinpointed exactly what goes on in the brain as people become unconscious after taking anesthesia. It turns out that there probably aren't individual neurons, or brain cells, responsible for consciousness.

"This data shows that consciousness might not be the result of a special group of neurons, but rather might be the result of how neurons communicate with one another," study co-author Martin Monti, a psychology professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, wrote in an email.

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another "file under duh" study

Consciousness is a concept. Saying that there are special neurons for consciousness would be like saying that there are special neurons for love, or beliefs, or understanding.

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