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Texas Cop Sgt Antoine Williams Caught Stealing Jordan's Sneakers During Drug Raid! ARRESTED

A veteran police sergeant in North Texas was arrested Tuesday and accused of stealing fancy new tennis shoes during a drug raid. Sgt. Antoine Williams, 37, a supervisor in the Fort Worth Police Department's narcotics unit, took the sneakers during a search of a suspected drug house in East Fort Worth on Oct. 16, according to court documents. Two officers involved in the raid reported what had happened, and the department's Special Investigations Section searched Williams' Arlington home on the following day, the documents said. Inside, investigators seized four pairs of shoes, including Air Jordans similar to the shoes missing in the drug raid.

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What Kind of Person Steals Someone's Shoes?

That's just nasty.
There's no way I could wear someone's shoes.

i'm guessing but

i think they were new shoes. there are people called sneakerheads that buy shoes but don't wear them (i know, i know). sneakerheads are collectors and some of these shoes are worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
i prefer to collect silver coins but to each their own.

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You gotta love...

the system.

crooked cop steals a pair of shoes, goes to jail...

crooked cops gun down/taser/beat men, women, children on a daily basis, receive medals of valor.

"They doing a drug bust to robe somebody"

Usually they just take the cash.

Duddle Dun Dun Dun.Another

Duddle Dun Dun Dun.
Another Pig Bites The Dust.

Pause the video at 1:20 and take a long, hard look at that smiling, happy go-lucky face.
You cant judge a book by its cover.