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Beg (Big) Apple: Subways overrun with homeless

 Subways overrun with homelessIt’s an express train — to the bad old days.

Cops are giving homeless people and panhandlers in the subways the kid-glove treatment, arresting subterranean scofflaws far less frequently than just two years ago, data show.

The ranks of the homeless, meanwhile, have swelled to 1,841 this year — a 13 percent increase over last year’s tally, the city’s Department of Homeless Services says.

For straphangers, it has created an atmosphere of fear.

“I feel threatened, especially taking the train at night,” explained Brooklynite Lortashia Smith, who said she has been followed off trains several times. “The police can definitely do more.”

The NYPD said panhandler/peddler arrests in the subway have increased over the past year, with 409 pinched so far in 2013 versus 395 in 2012. But those numbers pale in comparison to 2011, when it was reported that in a six-month span that year, a whopping 930 panhandlers and peddlers — the two are not separated in the data — were arrested.

“There’s been a drop-off,” acknowledged one police source.

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When you subsidize

something you get more of it. If New Yorkers don't like it stop giving them money. They will go away.

Government created problem. Eliminate rent control.

No more problem.

Rent control destroys housing when rent revenues don't pay maintenance costs, the property is abandoned.

Zoning restricts affordable replacements.

Government intervention is the problem.

Free includes debt-free!

Is the subway centrally

Is the subway centrally heated? Asking, 'cos I've never been to NY.

NYC subways

I've moved away, haven't been on the subway in a long time (my time was the 70's -80's.)

I do remember getting on a car in the middle of the winter that was obviously air conditioned. I laughed. But I don't ever remember being cold ever, otherwise. Mostly hot, if the AC wasn't working. The routine in the summer was take a shower, get on the train, get home, take a shower.

I used to say if all of the people I grew up with told all of the stuff we saw and put up with riding the subway, we'd have a decent book.

Cyril's picture

Oh, that keeps coming closer to what Paris goes through, then

Oh, that keeps coming closer to what Paris goes through for decades, then, doesn't it?

I was over there no earlier than last week, btw. Such a delight of scenes to witness on a daily basis, now, truly!

"Beg Apple" can now say Thank You! - her turn - to good old buddy named Socialism.

Ya know, our so sweet, warm-hearted Socialism, this unique achiever in expanding his sisters Plunder and Misery... while our dear silver spoon-fed MSM intellectuals (or - dear Government Cronies of Superior Morality - interchangeably) keep advertising about that Great Trio of Fame, of course.

Ah. Stupid me! How could the latter do otherwise, anyway?

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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I grew up in the north Bronx in the 70's

till I was about 13.

Begging, crime was real bad and I never heard it called the "Beg" Apple.

Good one.

Nanny Bloomberg spends a billion

a year on shelters and leases of private apartments for homeless people.

What should he do - put them all in jail?

Is begging a crime?

The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.

I guess I wonder if

The begging population is so well taken care of if they are hitting the streets just because it's New york and someone with large cash might be manipulated into giving heavy.
I've lived in a men's shelter and I've seen men who were well taken care of go out and beg at an exit ramp. Like a job.