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Adobe Has Been Hacked

Just got word Adobe has been hacked. Allegedly, CC numbers and security codes were decrypted.

Who knows, this could be a ploy to encourage people to support CFAA when it comes back into play. Alternatively, it may have been hacked as a message to Adobe (because it's my understanding they are complicit with NSA domestic spying.)

I've always assumed ESRI was acquiring contracts, to what extent I don't know, but might be high time to remove any stored CC on file with them, too. (ESRI and Adobe interface on some software.)

Too bad I really like both companies, and I hope they will cut ties with NSA if there are legitimately any ties.

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The last Adobe product.

I'm not keen on adopting their cloud software pay by the month BS scheme. I want to own my tools not rent them.


RE: CS, I have upgraded through CS2, 3, 4, & then bought the CS5 Master Collection, which really kicked it up a notch in the smartguides/snapping department, and the "Export to..." formats available. (Other than that, it's basically the same toolbox and I can't imagine their ind. subscriptions are going to be any more masterful.)

However, because CS5 interfaces with ESRI (which I run), CS5 constantly requests access to the internet, and from what I've read, I think that's how hackers were dropping rootkits/malware et al--by leveraging the vulnerabilities in flash and javascript for a while. (I think the vulnys have been patched, though.)

Oughta check just to make sure by updating your browser plug-ins if you export to software that connects to internet. (Sorry if this is an overshare, but I'm new to this whole protect-everything-or-else mentality.)

Good thing my studio just bought a couple CC licenses...


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Real-time sec

Although being CC could be advantageous because Adobe can patch fixes in real-time, and securing vulnys won't be dependent on whether the user has auto-updates turned on/off, etc...

you'll probably get sec pushes--especially if it's corporate ;)


The extent of Adobe's breach is unclear, although I did find some interesting SSL certys this morning---upon further investigation it seems some very "connected" entities have been playing cryptowar, with whom I'm not sure. I'm sensing lots of background MiM activity was happening during the Great O'Care Distraction.

Part of me hopes we're winning. The other part of me already put on quite a performance for whoever might be watching or listening, complete with moonwalking, Queen and a bad attitude.


Adobe can control your camera and microphone.

Right click on a youtube video, then go down to global settings. Then when the adobe page opens go to global privacy settings. Right there is the control to supposedly turn off the camera and mic, but I am sure they can use them if you have them plugged in. Just like how Verizon can turn your mic or camera on even if your phone is turned off. Of course then u take the battery out to counter that. Sad sht.

This happened less than a

This happened less than a month ago! And it wasn't long before that they had another breach! Lol!

But people worry too much about credit card info, honestly. It's so easy to charge back anything fraudulent. It's the companies the thief buys from that should be concerned.

Came across this site...

makes for really interesting reading on how far down the Data Gathering road we really are.
Much, much further than Mr Greenwald is "revealing" to us.

I Just Got Shoved Down The Rabbit Hole.

That is a great website! Peeling back the layers...
I just got shoved down the rabbit hole.

Thanks Jill. :-)

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