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Affordable Care Act Revealed to Be a Set Up By Nigerian Scammers

In today's edition of the Guardian it was reported by veteran investigative sleuth Seymour Hersh that The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was in fact an elaborate set up by a ring of notorious Nigerian identity thieves.

After months of digging, the team under Hersh was able to piece together the details of how the world media and American congress were taken in by this sophisticated ruse.

The soft-spoken American front man for the ring, Tbukimbu Obasanjo, working under the alias President Barrack Obama, and working with accomplices Augustus Aikhomu and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, were together able to steal the identities of more than 211 Americans.

After years of detailed planning and careful orchestration, the ringleaders are reported to have now absconded with over $60,850 US and have fled to an unknown location outside the reach of US authorities.

Claiming to be a Kenyan of diverse heritage, Tbukimbu was able to win over the American establishment to his side and hoodwink millions of voters with a well crafted story about his troubled past and struggle to overcome racial division.

Knowing their credulity for a good story about harmony and "becoming a post racial society," the trio put together the blueprint for Obama's now infamous 2008 campaign, all while operating out of a small one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Abuja.

Hersh was able to obtain original documents laying out the strategy for achieving the presidency and then working with lobbyists in Washington to draft the legislation. The "ace in the hole" was the awarding of a no-bid contract to the Nigerian outfit FreeMoneyForYuo to design the main sign-up website. This was done under the proviso of the minority federal contract award program for disadvantaged African-Americans outside the US.

The main stages of the operation were the "Approach," the "Build up" and the "Convincer."

In the Approach, Tbukimbu/Barack humbly introduced himself as a community organizer from Chicago after mastering his accent by watching hours and hours of episodes of Leave it to Beaver. He was quickly adopted as a viable candidate by the DNC, for having "no actually 'scary' African American characteristics," and because "he spoke so well." This from a leaked internal document by the then-DNC chair.

In the Build up, classic cult psychology and crowd manipulation techniques were used by Washington's unsuspecting class of professional political handlers, who expected Obama merely to carry their water in looting the public treasury, awarding sweet heart deals to connected players, and killing innocent people overseas on the basis of fabricated intelligence for private profit.

They hadn't the slightest inclination that he was running a deeper game, and would go off the reservation with something truly vile like identify theft and low level bank fraud.

During the Build Up phase, no one in the western media even questioned Tbukimbu's background, his credentials and claims about his past. He was able to skate under the radar just by by the power of his contrived, recycled civil rights rhetoric, well planted fainting college girls, and the occasional forced tear.

In the final phase, the Convincing, the nation was stampeded by a contrived panic involving dropping millions from their established health care rolls and rushed in a hastily and confused time frame to "join now" for "free cash advance" with just a small upfront fee. Once they had provided their card numbers and social security numbers on the poorly staged website -- operated by no more than 8 people in Nigeria -- they waited until they had surpassed their goal of 50,000 dollars and fled with the funds.

Needless to say, a lot of people are embarrassed about the situation and the press has been keeping mum. Joe Biden is now president but he hasn't been seen since he was photographed boarding a bus after accepting a paper bag of cash from some hooded individuals.

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I would tend to agree with Henry's remark given below, though.


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Yup. That's a bump.

Yup. That's a bump.

Come on, this is gold.

Come on, this is gold.

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Honestly - how does this stuff slip by me?


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you're livin' in the past,

you're livin' in the past, man!


You know it's Friday the 13th today...
Be careful
Be very careful

Quite humorous, but the story has one flaw.

If the website really was set up by Nigerian con artists, it would actually work. The proof that the US government set it up is that it does not work.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

So True

Sadly I was the original translator, I'm ashamed of what I have done, but here is a sample of the original draft of the bill I got from that fateful Nigerian spammer:

H. R. 3590

Pair of 7-11 %


United States

The second meeting

The first step in Washington last Tuesday , bringing 600

January 5, 2010


I played dead patient care and management drivers.

The U.S. House of Representatives of the General Assembly in store for his father , decides

Short distance champion : content .

) Health Law " ( to protect , anger boring, slow , in other words, we can treat the title .

Content Act , (B ) : Yes.

And so on . Short Title : Content .

Titles : 1 - quality of life, health administrators

All health care in America - subtitles immediate improvement

And so on . Public Health Law " in 1001 , two improvements .

A group of people , aoporavak market

A better question is - Part 2

" Bonanza . Nobody said life or annual income in the 2711th .

" Bonanza . The 2712th export restrictions.

" Bonanza . Some preventive health 2713th .

" Bonanza . 2714 based on product line extensions.

" Bonanza . 2715 describes the use of an integrated and standardized definition and development overview document.

" Bonanza . 2716 wage discrimination .

" Bonanza . Guarantee the quality of competition in the 2717th

" Bonanza . The 2718th We went to the airport .

" Bonanza . Appeal 2719th

And so on . Health insurance consumer information in the 1002nd

And so on . The 1003rd The user can set the value of the dollar .

And so on . The effective date of 1004.

Subtitle B - to protect and expand quickly customers

And so on . For 1,101 insurance, uninsured people could immediately be reached.

And so on . Disability insurance in the 1102nd

And so on . The 1103rd In other words , the data will be tax , is used to identify the user list .

And so on . The 1104th To simplify administration .

And so on . Power was in 1105.

Whether the quality of health care in the U.S. - 100 subtitles

Hahahaha Bonanza!

Hahahaha Bonanza!