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Hero Cop Facing A Barrage Of Bullets Caught On Tape


Trooper Timothy Strohmeyer has this week been named International Police Officer of the Year after he risked his life to stop shooter Jeffrey Lee Michael, who had just shot dead a woman preparing for a children's party in a Frankstown Township church and two other innocent people last Christmas.

The shooting spree shocked the community as it came exactly one week after the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Michael's first victim was Scott, of Duncansville, who was decorating Juniata Valley Gospel Church in Frankstown Township for Christmas when shots rang out and bullets pierced through a window.

Michael entered the church and shot Scott, then fled in a truck, leaving another woman who was with her unharmed.

An unemployed former trucker, Michael, 44, of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, allegedly walked into the church and shot dead Kimberly A. Scott, 58, before shooting William Harrison Rhodes Jr., 38, and his father-in-law, Kenneth Lynn and then fleeing in his truck

Fleeing the scene in his truck, Michael fired shots into two police cruisers - one belonging to Strohmeyer and another to his colleague Trooper David Navaruk - that passed him in the opposite direction. Both cruisers quickly turned around and gave chase.

Meanwhile, trooper Kevin Campbell was approaching Michael from the opposite direction.
When he spotted the third cruiser, Michael 'accelerated his truck and intentionally rammed Corporal Campbell's patrol car head-on,' trapping the officer inside his own cruiser, according to the state police.
That's when Strohmeyer, who can be seen on the video, obtained by ABC News, approaching the collided cars, decided to ram his own cruiser into the back of Michael's truck hoping this would divert attention away from his trapped colleague.

Strohmeyer's plan worked. Michael can be seen on video charging Strohmeyer's cruiser with his gun drawn and firing eight bullets into his windshield.

Strohmeyer was hit several times in the chest and left wrist, but was wearing a bulletproof vest so survived.

Michael was killed by the troopers' returning gunfire.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2474932/Timothy-Stro...

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This officer is definitely a hero. He stopped someone from stealing another person's liberty, so to speak, by employing his own 2nd Amendment rights.
How long, though, has there been an "International" Police officer award? That part of the story makes me pause.


My hero doesn't have to kill anyone. A hero would have successfully defended himself from two murderous police officers hiding behind a badge.

If a police officer had murdered a 13 year old boy and two civilians had chased him down and crashed into his car to gun him down. All you crazies would be thinking differently.

Face it. You worship the black costumes.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.


Worshiping state condoned killing. Shame on you. Bunch of lunatic nuts.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Theyre always heros

When it's time to save one of their own. Wish they'd protect ordinary individuals with such heroism.

Buy that man

a beer and lunch !!

That was a job well done.


Buy that man

a beer and lunch !!

That was a job well done.



"Lives are saved, they finally killed him."

Killing to protect life. How retarded.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Youre the one who sounds like

Youre the one who sounds like an idiot. Killing evil is necessary at times, especially when they are actively trying to kill you.


Your fundamentals are flawed. No necessary evil. It is a choice to engage or to run away. Christ teaches peace. No excuses.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Wow an officer gets it right

Wow an officer gets it right and receives downvotes. What a wonderful place the *daily* paul has become.

Since I was one of the first to shoot off my mouth, I will admit

it is somewhat unfair to be harsh out-of-hand, but the "Hero Cop" crap unfortunately sets off a lot of well-informed people's (who have a collective stake in Liberty and are concerned with the proliferation of police state / fascist propaganda) BS detectors.

Sorry about that. But please take some time to investigate the low levels to which police are sinking these days (even in their standard operations and policies) per how they interact with citizens, and perhaps you'll better understand the growing population of law enforcement skeptics here... and all over, for that matter.

What would the Founders do?

I will neither up vote or down vote

"hero"? come on....do we really even know who this cop is.. For all we know he's wrongly imprisoned countless people, killed innocent people of his own and who knows what else.

Lets keep the hero stuff out of it until we actually know what the hell exactly happened and who the hell that guy really is. A short MSM news clip doesn't reveal anything other then cops shot a dude who was shooting at them. They claim the dude killed innocent people that should have been the focus was barely even mentioned. As if only mentioned to make the cops look good. There is absolutely nothing to go on in any direction on this one. Any praise for this cop is premature as well as demonizing

And screw public service and eric holder.

So often I see the "let's

So often I see the "let's wait for the full story" when a cop is accused of doing something right but if there is a hint of wrongdoing the guillotines are rolled out without question.

Just because hes a cop doesnt mean he is a criminal

Some of the comments here are disturbing. Wishing death on anyone for any reason is disturbing.



It means he has taken upon himself a costume and role in this particular society designed specifically to make criminal activity appear legitimate.

This means that *almost certainly* he is using this costume and stolen resources to carry out criminal activity, like collecting "revenue" from people who break "laws" that other thugs have decided to try to criminally impose on them. At the least, a cop is an enforcer of criminal activity, and in all likelyhood, he is indeed a criminal.

Just because a cop does something heroic---which in fact might have been illegal for a regular person to do---does not mean he is not a criminal.

I wonder about your statement: "Wishing death on anyone for any reason is disturbing." Does this mean that it disturbs you that these cops wished death on the alleged murderer---and in fact acted on that wish and killed him without a trial of any kind?

Hate to break it to you

but he has taken it upon himself inasmuch as society has decided that cops are nessesary. That happened a long time ago and this cop isnt to blame for it.

Society needs to change before this hypocrisy can be uncovered. In the meantime, there is no reason to blame one person.


Society won't change if everyone embraces the status quo

You say "society needs to change before this hypocrisy can be uncovered", but society won't change until it's uncovered.

"Society", obviously, hasn't got it all right. So you need to base judgements on right and wrong and not society. If you call out right and wrong regardless of societies bias you will be doing your part to uncover the hypocrisy and change society. If you excuse it because society says it's ok you will be doing your part to keep society hypocritical.

We all have to choose how our individual contribution to "society" are represented; status quo or uncovering hypocrisy.

Those disturbing morons are friends of Jeffrey Lee Michael

the madman murderer who cut down innocent people who were decorating a church for Christmas.

the usual eh?

I didn't read or make any of the comments below, but I note that you are rising to your usual high level of discourse by avoiding all hint of reason, while resorting to name calling and guilt by (false) association all at the same time.


Hey Farmer, I was replying to seamusin's comment

Just because he is a cop doesn't mean he is a criminal
Submitted by seamusin on Mon, 10/28/2013 - 15:16. Permalink
Some of the comments here are disturbing. Wishing death on anyone for any reason is disturbing.

I felt it was my duty, to do my duty, on those duty heads.
So I did my duty. Everybody was jumping to conclusions. So I just started jumping like everybody else.
But they jumped first and they dutied first!
Thank you for the bump Farmer.


Many friends are cops and love them like family.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Excellent. If you love them make sure you have a talk with

them about the state of affairs in this country and the obvious trend toward police state fascism. Try to cover the difficult stuff, and encourage them to reaffirm their commitments to protect and serve, and even to take a stand against "superiors" giving unlawful orders.

I, too, have LE pals. It's because they are pals that I've rapped with them about this stuff--no matter how awkward (and it *has* been!).

Tell them the truth: Liberty-minded people--heck, most people in general--are beginning to observe trends in which LE personnel are behaving abusively and lawlessly, and that people are increasingly feeling as though they must prepare for war against LE / government mercenaries, etc. Tell them there is right and there is wrong here... and they can truly be "heroes" if they take a stand with citizens against oppression. Their lives may ultimately depend upon it, too.

What would the Founders do?

Most cops are not thugs. And

Most cops are not thugs.

And a lot of cops are waking up to criminal government just like the rest of us.

The cops in my town are the best. Out of the whole force we had one jackass and he was dealt with quickly.

Exception to the rule

Cops are trained to be thugs. Most cops are thugs. Most cops who are not thuggish enough get fired. There are exceptions to this but by and large that is the state of affairs in America. In Utah we've got some pretty good cops, but the fact is that the training they are put through and the authorities that are in place definitely create a lot of thugs. I think it's a mistake to believe that most of them aren't thugs but also a mistake to assume they all are.

Let's define a thug as:

1. a violent person, esp. a criminal.

Let me know what is going to be argued because there are only two directions to go:

1. Individuals consent to state coercion via their own voluntary acts of registration placing persons or property under the protection of the state and surrendering, in whole or part, inherent rights to secure a right or privilege granted by law(s) decreed by power lusting whatever it takes to get re-elected overlords.


2. Individuals do not consent to the state via their own voluntary acts of registration because the state is a fundamentally immoral monopoly of force which coerces whether one registers things or not.

If #1 is true then why are people still registering things with an unjust state?

If #2 is true then how can it be said any agent of the state who has ever compelled or condoned, directly or indirectly, immoral coercion is not a thug?

Finally, if the term "most" is even relevant, which I don't think it is, then let the record be analyzed. Let us compare how many people are free to go after an encounter with a cop versus the number of people who receive citations or worse.

Thanks for the bump H.A.M.

Thanks for the bump H.A.M.

I left you some wiggle room

to argue #2 by using verbiage such as "condone," "directly or indirectly," in the event you had a point of substance to meaningfully differentiate between agents of an immoral state who are thugs versus any state actors who ought not be deemed thugs by association.

Thanks is duly noted. Thanks for a non-response.

BTW, you are free to argue for a third option, such as a state or anything else for that matter, could even possibly be considered moral or immoral if individual consent is wholly removed from the equation.

Finally, even one convicted of the most heinous crime(s) is not incapable of random acts of kindness and I doubt anyone is going to call them a hero for any act of good performed while on death row.

That's certainly encouraging. However, the time for cops to

become outspoken in defense of the rights of citizens is NOW. Good cops must do this, as they will otherwise be counted as the enemy, and things will become extraordinarily dangerous for them if they remain silent on the issue.

What would the Founders do?

"Hero cop" are two words together which make me feel ill.

This designation would not exist in a free society.

Here's to hoping that punk-ass thug cops soon face similar barrages of bullets... and don't make it out alive.

(And I didn't watch the vid; I can't take these spoonfuls of pro-cop propaganda, fed to me by MSM suits-and-haircuts / tits-and-ass. Sorry.)

What would the Founders do?

I was thinking

That those two words Hero and Cop just do not ever sound right to me. Its like saying the GOvernment is here to help you. Just do not make sense. Puzzled.