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Hero Cop Facing A Barrage Of Bullets Caught On Tape


Trooper Timothy Strohmeyer has this week been named International Police Officer of the Year after he risked his life to stop shooter Jeffrey Lee Michael, who had just shot dead a woman preparing for a children's party in a Frankstown Township church and two other innocent people last Christmas.

The shooting spree shocked the community as it came exactly one week after the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Michael's first victim was Scott, of Duncansville, who was decorating Juniata Valley Gospel Church in Frankstown Township for Christmas when shots rang out and bullets pierced through a window.

Michael entered the church and shot Scott, then fled in a truck, leaving another woman who was with her unharmed.

An unemployed former trucker, Michael, 44, of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, allegedly walked into the church and shot dead Kimberly A. Scott, 58, before shooting William Harrison Rhodes Jr., 38, and his father-in-law, Kenneth Lynn and then fleeing in his truck

Fleeing the scene in his truck, Michael fired shots into two police cruisers - one belonging to Strohmeyer and another to his colleague Trooper David Navaruk - that passed him in the opposite direction. Both cruisers quickly turned around and gave chase.

Meanwhile, trooper Kevin Campbell was approaching Michael from the opposite direction.
When he spotted the third cruiser, Michael 'accelerated his truck and intentionally rammed Corporal Campbell's patrol car head-on,' trapping the officer inside his own cruiser, according to the state police.
That's when Strohmeyer, who can be seen on the video, obtained by ABC News, approaching the collided cars, decided to ram his own cruiser into the back of Michael's truck hoping this would divert attention away from his trapped colleague.

Strohmeyer's plan worked. Michael can be seen on video charging Strohmeyer's cruiser with his gun drawn and firing eight bullets into his windshield.

Strohmeyer was hit several times in the chest and left wrist, but was wearing a bulletproof vest so survived.

Michael was killed by the troopers' returning gunfire.

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The shooter

Should have improved his aim.

I never had any doubt that a

I never had any doubt that a cop would shoot a civilian to save another cop. That does not mean he would risk his life to save an ordinary citizen.If fact the courts have decided that it is not the role of police to protect people. It is their job to arrest people.