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Buying Silver the stupidest move I ever made

I agree with this video, it helped confirm my thoughts about the future.


For those not sure if Silver or Gold is right for you, you should view before making any decision about buying.

What do you think, is this video right?

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Economics is a pragmatic science. Engineering money streams.

Labor is one approach.

Finding a productive grouping of individuals, from scratch is a risky enterprise.

Why were 12 Apostles chosen? Did the sermon on the Mount give clues.

In scouts there are 8 boys for a patrol. The boys elect a leader. The task of the leader to strike a path towards enhanced production. Different tasks may have different leaders among equals.

Or as Ron Paul has said. I don't want to run your life. He seems to avoid the temptation.

Organization of societies of mutual benefit will keep our economies afloat serving the general welfare.

There are several models from history that have proven productive and generally beneficial.

For Capital/Knowledge approach:

Free includes debt-free!

I will be the leader

of my group. I am the alpha male and my immediate and any extended family and perhaps a few friends that choose to seek safety on my property WILL follow my lead. There will be no democracy but I will lead by example. I have knowledge, ability and experience and thankfully I have capable and intelligent relatives. I am not only prepping for myself but for them as well.

I am talking total collapse. Detroit is a microcosm that's not really a good example of a total economic and societal collapse. For instance travel by automobile is only good if you have fuel. Their is still a whole country propping up Detroit and most people in Detroit wouldn't last more than a few weeks in a full on SHTF scenario.

In the end I follow the same advise that I have always followed which is "prepare for the worst and hope for the best". It has served me well all my life.

Buy Cars or invest in train

Buy Cars or invest in train infrastructure?

Yes there are lots of possibilities.

Karen De Coster reporting from bankrupt Detroit tells of the Detroit Bus company. Using Internet and wireless technology, wasteful bus routes by central planners are replaced by ad hoc routes that go where they are needed.

Michigan's depression started in 2001. Several cab and limousine services have sprouted.

My son has been repairing and flipping cars for 15 years and has worked in a collision shop for 10 years. Having or gaining the skills and tools needed is one way.

Investing in local collision and parts shop might suit others.

I have a garage full of old parts and two spare operational vehicles.

The FED will end, drowned in a sea of its own malinvestments. We need not go down with that ship.

Free includes debt-free!


Buying a water drill is an idea I've had for years. They make small portable ones that really work and don't cost an arm and a leg. You get the drill and stock up on wearable parts and accessories. At some point you will want water without the government knowing you have water. I believe there is already a "permit" process in most places, and we all know "permit" means a readily available LIST of anyone they "permitted" to stay off the system in one way or another.

Ready to go Aquaponic systems are another idea. I think you could move them on craigslist, and you would be doing a great service to others.

You know water has been a big concern.

I have been thinking a lot lately about having another well drilled but didn't consider the licensing aspects. I am doing ok with water as it is but I could do better. I have a well already but the water is not good any more. I have a pond and a couple of small springs that stayed wet even during the bad drought a couple years ago. Any of these water sources will require treatment before it can be safely consumed but they are sources non the less.

I will look into the prices on the smaller drilling rigs. I have a few friends and relatives who are well versed in drilling procedure. It would be nice to hit one of these artesians around have a constant flow into my pond.

Buy Gold Sit on it... for

Buy Gold
Sit on it... for years.

Southern Agrarian

Selling silver may be the real stupidest move ever!

If one buys at a high price, then sells for a lower price later, he completely defeats the main purpose. This guy could lose 50% of his wealth if he sells all. This is exactly what the banksters had in mind when they crashed silver in the first place. Perfect example of weak hands.

I am upside down on my silver stack, but I know it's only temporary. How long can they keep silver depressed anyway? If they continue for another year, silver will skyrocket when it does break the chains.

With the DOW heading for 16,000 and beyond, I think it will be real interesting what happens to silver. With everything in double digit inflation can they keep silver in a deflationary spiral?

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

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I bought at minus 20 and sold at 45...

Now, I'm buying again.

How stupid is that?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Most People Don't Understand...

...that gold and silver do not care what the current fiat asswipe price is.

I bought gold and silver to simply put them away. Insurance. I haven't sold an ounce since 2008. I could give a shit less whether silver is worth 10 or 50 fiat dollars. It makes no difference what your entry point is or where the Presidents Working Group keeps them priced through naked shorting.

Precious metals are wealth storage and insurance against collapse. They are not investments to be traded for fiat.

If you think that suddenly, this government is going to find a solution for 117 trillion in debt coming due and payable and rising- then by all means go buy some Amazon paper. And quit whining.

Buy PM with currency you don't need. Lock it up. If you never need them, will them to your kids. Don't be a sucker and fall into the trap that FRN's have value. They don't. The world just hasn't figured that out yet.




Gold up 100% - 5 year ..... 350% - 10 year

Silver up 140% - 5 year ..... 440% - 10 year

It WAS a stupid move for that guy!

The guy who wrote the letter was a 65 year old who dumped $100,000 into silver hoping to get rich quick. That WAS a stupid move. I should know, because I have made plenty of stupid investing moves.

I would never put 100% of my assets in silver, regardless of what a bargain price it may seem like at the moment. You are wise to have some income producing assets and some savings in currency, particularly if you are 65 years old.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

The Phony Fiat USD

At some point change always occurs in Fiat Currency. I can't predict the major change, but the USD has incremental changes on any given day and is proven to have lost over 90% of it's inherent value since 1918. The end of what we 'knew' is coming in several ways. Currency seems doomed to become digital that will exchange through cell phones and the like. I don't pretend to know what the government will try to do to those like myself that hoard silver, but as I see it PMs are my only chance to have a 'choice' in retaining what little wealth I have when more 'bail in's' come about and they will come about.

I am not keen on what he future brings with the way global currency is manipulated by the Central Banks and by Governments. One thing seems certain to me, that no matter what happens to paper printed currency that is not backed by gold or silver, there are no other metals with the properties of gold and silver when it comes to future technologies and they efficiency in which they transmit electronic frequency and many many other secrets unfolding as the future becomes current days. So, I don't care at what price I got any of the silver I have, I still believe it is worth alot more than the paper I traded for it.

The guy from article in this thread that complained about dumping his entire fortune into silver was being greedy. Not nearly everything I have is in silver, but very little is in anything related to future growth speculation in the USD or the stock market. Either way, whether the dollar lives or dies, I will be able to survive with or without it and not be forced to find my survival in any currency that is only digitally held value.

Change is coming, we see it happening every day these days. The question, to me, is do I want to participate in the change or guard against it. I choose the latter of course, but you still have to be able to 'play the game' we have all been inducted into and it would be nice to have the ability to put myself on the sidelines when the game has turned completely in favor of the opposition.


In the long term "physical" metals will win the day. It cannot be viewed as any type of short term investment. It is "non-perishable".

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Couple points

1) What inflation rate did the author of the note use? The gov't sponsored (i.e. faked) rates or the real inflation rates? Gold and silver have held their true value compared to US $ which has lost >98% of it's purchasing power over the last century.

2) Most people knowledgeable about gold and silver say silver is way under-valued now and should be >$50/ounce... maybe >$100/ounce.

3) Fiat currencies ALWAYS fail. There are no exceptions. EVER. Gold and silver ALWAYS are a go-to money when fiats fail. Don't put all of one's resources into silver/gold though - people need guns, ammo, food, water, supplies, fuel, etc. too when things go bad.

4) Gov't confiscation of wealth from bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, 401ks, IRAs, pensions, etc. will only increase as time goes on. It's already starting worldwide and will eventually happen in the USA. Anything not in your physical possession IS NOT YOURS.

Given all of the above, the writer who put $100,000 into silver may one day (not too far into the future) be the saving grace for his family who would otherwise starve or die one of many other miserable deaths. That is of course if he decides to forgive their criticizing remarks and offers to help them when the SHTF.

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt: www.suburbiatosimplicity.com

Well said

Even a Nickle will purchase what is now 2.00 worth of product at that point.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Worth watching, thanks beeman

Best quote IMO, "I've been staking silver for 8 years for one day; the day that the dollar dies. Everything else before that, to me, is just white noise."

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

Then sell it to me

Silver has gone up consistently since 2000, and no changes have been in our monetary policy.

It is LONG term investment. What happens in a few days/weeks or even months/years doesn't change the fact that the metal will go up with inflation. If you think it was stupid, I'll buy it from you.

you have to watch the video

because the title is misleading. A guy writes an email stating that "buying silver the stupidest.... " and the video explains why he is wrong.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

Ah you spilled the beans

I found it funny, some are commenting before viewing. The title got me shook a bit too.

It's a great confirmation clip though, why I will never sell.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

I'll bump it--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--