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How should I vote on this Texas Amendment?

Texas will be voting on nine proposed amendments soon. The first amendment will grant property tax exemption to the spouses of military persons killed in action after Jan. 1st, 2014. This would not apply to spouses who remarry. Disabled vets have been receiving this exemption for two years.

Here's my quandary. I would like everyone to have tax free property. This would be true ownership.

However, would this amendment give an unfair advantage to those employed by the government?
Would the clause regarding marriage discourage widows from legal marriage?

Or should this be regarded as a good first step towards eliminating property tax and caring for those harmed by war?

For a full description of the amendments:


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My choices

Tax break for military widows - NO
Elimination of State Medical Board/Fund - YES
Allow local govt. bodies to change tax status of aircraft part hoarding - YES
Tax break for military people's residence received as charity - NO
Reverse mortgage loans and related regulations - NO
Allow new State Water Implementation (Revenue) fund - NO
Allow non-elected appointment to municipality office if unexpired term is < 12 months - NO
Repeal earlier amendment related to create a hospital district - YES
Amendment to increase power of legislature over judiciary - NO

Interesting, I seem to have

Interesting, I seem to have chosen mostly in line with the recommendations at http://www.dailypaul.com/303242/early-voting-now-we-texans-e...

The reason I chose 'YES' for amendment-3 is that it moves some decision-making authority to local bodies such as counties, cities and municipality governments. It is a step-ahead for Localism which I believe outweighs the problem of tax exemptions for specific industries. People at local governments can still fight special interest tax-breaks with more context.

For amendment-9, I believe that the judiciary should be independent of the legislature as much as possible. If politicans are allowed to coerce judges, it is not good for the long-term. Again I don't have enough context on the selection process of judges in TX, so this could be wrong.

I say vote 'no'

on all these propositions, though, it probably won't make much difference, because the 'thumbs up' for GOP morons will vote 'yes'! I'm really starting to see our Texas Legislature going more and more Coporatist, because everybody is distracted with the virtully unchangable Federal Corporatists. I have sent many emails to local radio hosts, such as Michael Berry, who is a Dr Paul fan and Matt Patrick here in Houston, but they will hardly say anything about state issues, unless it's to attack a liberal Democrat. I thing they are contracted to avoid talking state issues. I heard Michael Berry state on the air, he must be evaluated yearly and sign a very strict stipulated contract preventing him from talking about certain issues. He claims he doesn't like it, but if he wants a job in radio or starts his own station, he has to accept their agreement. What a crock of sh!t, huh?

I always vote to lower taxes, even if they aren't taxes I owe.

Other than that, the devil is usually in the details. In Louisiana, we don't see the actual text on the ballot - you have to go digging for that.

Read the actual bill passed by your legislature, in context, and then decide.

We had a similar amendment here a few years ago. I voted no on the first and encouraged others to do so because the actual wording was messy and it could have been done better.

It passed anyway. And the next election they offered another "fix" amendment to correct the very problems I was warning others about.

It really is silly. They should just get it right the first time. It isn't like these sorts of things are "time sensitive" or anything.

Vote no. No tax breaks for a

Vote no.
No tax breaks for a special few.

Southern Agrarian

Always vote for exemptions either partial or full.

Ad Valorem must die. To do this, you have to show numbers of how popular it could be.

I like your take.

But still concerned that the military is involved.

Also wondering if this would encourage servicemen to buy property off base. That would lower costs for the military, I assume. Having a tangible connection to the land might bring greater commitment to the community. That would be good.

Here is Debra Medina's groups advice:



Texas Liberty Talk Radio http://www.ragingelephantsradio.com/

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

I missed that post.


I'm not sure that I agree with the idea that tax exemptions are "costs." If I lost my job I would not say that my cost of living went up. Rather, I'd have to eat beans instead of steak.

But I sure agree with saying no to the water project stuff. The politicians are all pushing it hard. I guess in Texas water is the ultimate power.

Tough call

I've recieved an e-mail urging me to vote against it as it would create more inequality in taxes until the property tax is repealed. However, I think you should read the bill, think about it, and vote the way your mind and heart guide you. We can give you advice but you'd better serve yourself if follow your beliefs.

Vote "NO" on all the

Vote "NO" on all the amendments is my advice! This one reduces the pool of tax payers and therefore increases the taxes. It also creates a "special" tax free class, and that ain't right. Let's end property taxes for all Texans, support Debra Medina and her group, We Texans.