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Map of the World Incorrect for 500 Years

Oh great, they even lied about our maps.


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The Map On The Wall Of My 10th Grade Social Studies Class

Had China in the center. Our teacher felt strongly about combatting Eurocentrism.

When we all did badly on the test on Europe, we got a consoling speech telling us not to feel bad.

When we all did badly on the China test, we got a stern lecture.

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How do I get this map?

(not the one posted above, but the one in the tv show clip)

I hate those people

...and I hate the way they speak.

From your Amazon link:

"The poster...describes the 'growing awareness of the interdependence of all nations and all peoples.'"

I want so badly to secede from the Northeast.

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no "they" didn't, it's very clearly stated in geography books

that projections are inaccurate and necessarily distort land masses.

You want accuracy, look at Google Earth and stop trying to project a sphere onto a plane.

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I just learned ...

That the entirety of the UK is about exactly the size of "New" England.

Coincidence ... ? (*drama hampster music plays*)

is it

the hampster dance!?


The peddles on a bicycle are

The peddles on a bicycle are screwed in in opposite directions of each other. Facing forward, the peddle on the right is screwed in clockwise with right hand threads. The peddle on the left is screwed in counter clockwise with left hand threads. That's so they don't unscrew inadvertently while you're predominately peddling forward. You would know this if you ever changed the peddles on your bicycle.

But in the southern hemisphere, it's just the opposite?

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My friend works in sales at a bike store

He peddles pedals.

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Does he wear pedal pushers...

...while he pushes pedals?

Or am I thinking of his florist friend the petal pusher?

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West of 89
a novel of another america

Where are Canada, or Alaska,

Where are Canada, or Alaska, Cuba, South America, Africa, and others?

Oh! I loved this!!!

Thanks for the laugh out loud moment.

Hugs from Chile.

Bump for relative size


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My Dad Used to Correct My Teachers

My dad used to have to go to school and correct teachers and textbooks for me and my siblings (can you believe math errors in math books?).

We were told that the Sun doesn't go around the earth, when it obviously does ("It's all relative" he used to say, before launching into a question about a squirrel on a tree trunk and a hunter walking around the tree--does the hunter circle the squirrel?).

My brother labeled an outline drawing of a person with "left" and "right" when learning the difference. My dad had to correct the teacher because she failed to indicate or acertain which way the drawing was supposed to be facing. My brother had it right, based on his assumption.

I have maps in my head that expand exponentially when I take a wrong turn.

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Which way does the earth turn?

Clockwise or counter clockwise?

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If your perspective is from

If your perspective is from the northern tip of the axis, you would see the Earth rotating counter clockwise. But from the southern tip of the axis it would be rotating clockwise.

For an example of this, take any small object and spin it to the right. Then, while continually spinning in that same direction, look at it from the top then from the bottom. The top will be rotating counter clockwise and the bottom will be clockwise.

So, as far as I can tell, the Earth rotates clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on your perspective. And maybe both at the same time.




Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

righty tighty, lefty losey.

if you get confused, just look at your shoes.
the correct answer is... round and round.
would that be CWSE or CWLE? (shaft end or lead end)
and of course we then have Pythagoras theorem. where the angle of the dangle = the mass of the azz.
any other questions?


Lol, I knew at least you would grab it man.

The answer is in perspective. Are at the bottom or the top? lol Let me know when you are ready to have a tech convo about the Genset to example the board my friend.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."




Aaron Sorkin is Too Smart

Aaron Sorkin is way too smart for his own good.

Recommended viewing: A Few Good Men

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If world geography intrests you,

check out these maps from centuries before the official "discovery" of Antarctica:


The Buache map shows Antarctica as two separate landmasses, and some of the others depict Antarctica with no ice or glaciers.