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Stops in Kentucky illustrate Rand Paul's subtle strategy

By Sam Youngman — Lexington Herald-Leader

As Kentucky junior Sen. Rand Paul and about 35 Louisa Rotarians bowed their heads before lunch last Thursday, the preacher led the crowd in praying for wisdom and guidance.

He was talking about a possible run by Paul for the White House in 2016.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the new Tea Party darling and Senate pariah following this month's government shutdown, might have won this week's battle for headlines with a red-meat speech in Iowa on Friday night, but Paul spent the week laying the groundwork to win a larger battle.

In 15 stops around the vastly different regions of Kentucky, Paul was on a path toward the Republican nomination with a subtle and almost invisible strategy that has been a hallmark of his unlikely political career, odd traits considering the ear-splitting decibel level of the anti-government constituency that put the freshman senator on the map.

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