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Obama asks Eric Schmidt if “Bitcoin is Anything He Has to Worry About”

Here’s a story recently related to me by a guest at a White House dinner, which included Google’s Eric Schmidt: The president, whose most important job is surely to protect the integrity of the monetary system, smugly asked Schmidt if Bitcoin, one of many growing challenges to currency hegemony, was anything he had to worry about.

- From a USA Today article titled: How CEOs are Clueless About Technology

If the above is accurate (and I have no reason to suspect it isn’t), it is priceless information on so many levels. First of all, rather than ask about Bitcoin in an inquisitive manner free of prejudice as a enlightened leader surely would, Obama is merely primatively wondering if he needs to “worry about it.”


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total complete unequivocable and unsubstantiable

and otherwise nonderisable and less-than-stantiable sourced information.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

What he

doesn't know is Bitcoin is what will help save things.

When a currency collapses nothing breaks. It's not like an earthquake hits. There is only disorganization. The goods and services are still there, but people don't have a way to easily trade for them.

That's why the more alternatives to the dollar there are in use when it collapses the faster things can recover.

Bump :)

Bump :)

I love

how people downvote this when I say exactly what Ron Paul has said.

Ron Paul talks about freemarkets and alternative currencies to the dollar.