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I expected her (Debra Medina) to sweep the stroll poll with a first. She didn't. Who is Glen Hager? He is a state senator.


that's basically all I have to say.

bon voyage


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Malachi Boyuls

Carpet Bagger
Law school at NYU, wife got degree at Columbia. Perry appointed too.

Southern Agrarian

Run like the wind away from

Run like the wind away from Becky Berger! She has a picture of her and Joe Strauss on her website.

Southern Agrarian

Suburb Houston: Prescott Bush

Suburb Houston: Prescott Bush loses handily
Urban Houston: Prescott Bush wins in landslide

Southern Agrarian


She needs more media, no one cares about comptroller races. only Governors races.

Ugh, Patterson came in last, I hope they both win somehow and Bush loses, we don't need another one of those.